Types Of Roof Cleaning And Their Cost

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The cost for roof cleaning ranges from $0.15 to $0.70 per square foot. It depends on the cleaning method you choose. Soft washing with a little bit of water and a diluted chemical solution is best for asphalt shingle or tile roofs. Pressure washing is suitable for metal roofs.

While it may seem like a completely aesthetic decision, cleaning your roof can actually be super important for extending the life of your roof. So if you’ve ever wondered if roof cleaning is worth it, yes, it’s very important. 

What Affects The Cost Of Roof Cleaning?

The factors that impact the roof cleaning cost are listed as follows:

Size and shape of the Roof– The larger the roof, the higher the cost price for cleaning it. Complex roofing structures require extra detailed work, and therefore they cost more.

The number of stories – Roof cleaning companies charge more to clean high-rise buildings.

The material used in the roof structure– If the material used in the structure is delicate, then special tools will be required to clean the roof.

Roof pitch – If the roof structure is steep then it will require more safety types of equipment and precautions

Location – Rooftops in the rainy regions require frequent cleaning. Roofs near the sea area require frequent cleaning to remove salt and sand.

Method for cleaning – Pressure washing is more expensive than soft washing. The cost depends on which method you choose.

Roof condition – If your roof is filled with dirt, debris, mold, and algae build-up, then it will take longer to get it cleaned.

Landscape protection – Many companies take precautionary steps to protect the plants on the grounds around the house before a chemical wash.

Cost to repair the roof damage ranges from $200 to $800.

Roof Cleaning Cost According To Size

The size of the roof acts as an indicator of what the cleaning budget of your roof will be. Larger the size of the roof, the longer it will take to clean it up, and the more you’ll be required to expand your budget to get a professional roof cleaner.

If you do not know the size of your roof then you can easily estimate based on your home’s measurements. The formula is pretty simple

1.5 x square footage of home = Square footage of the roof

Now that you have an estimated roof size, you can now calculate the total cost of the roof cleaning services using the same ranges as stated above, or you can use the average rate of $0.41 per square foot.

Chemical wash

Chemical wash is a suitable solution if the main issue on your rooftop is biological growth such as moss, algae, or lichen. It will be a very affordable option for you, it will cost you around $0.20 to $0.30 per square foot. The chemicals will be easily able to get rid of biological growth.

Chemical washes do not require pressure wash, which has its pros and cons. A pressurized stream of water can damage some materials on the roof. Nevertheless, chemical washes are considered gentle for any type of roof.

If you go without the pressure, you will be less likely to remove twigs, leaves, or dirt from the roof.

High-pressure wash

Washing with a powerful pressurized stream of water takes nothing more than a normal pressure wash. Around $0.20 to $0.70 is the cost to get a pressure wash. Way cheaper than other complex cleaning methods. A pressure washer with powerful water flow can easily get rid of all sorts of dirt and debris.

Pressure wash has its cons. Pressure wash along with dirt can forcefully remove or damage the shingles. Therefore, standard pressure washing is not a good option for roofs with asphalt shingles, wood shakes, or tiles.

Moreover, pressure wash is also not a good option to remove moss build-up because this method cannot kill the biological growth on the roof.

Roof moss removal cost

The removal cost for roof moss ranges from $0.70 to $0.75 per square foot, depending entirely on the size of the roof.

Effects of moss build-up:

  • Moss retains heat and therefore increases cooling costs
  • Shingles end up being lifted and curled
  • Retains moisture which causes shingles to rot
  • Drains get clogged

Biological Growth Treatment Cost

Treatment to remove biological growth from the roof costs around $100 to $250. If moss is not treated on time, it will continue to grow and work its way under the shingles causing them to lift and curl, which will resultantly cause damage to the structure of the roof. 

To prevent the growth of moss and algae, a zinc strip can be added. The zinc strip costs around $30 to $60 for a 50-foot roll. You can also use zinc sulfate powder, but it will be less effective because it may run off the roof during the rainy season and might damage the surrounding landscape.

Cleaning Costs for roof cavity

The cleaning costs for an attic range from $100 to $500. The cost depends on the accessibility, size, and type of damage. Costs are most likely to increase for jobs that require removing old insulation, reallocation of the stored items, and solving the pest issues. Cleaning the attic is a necessary step to maintain the home’s interior air quality.

Costs For Roof Raking Services

Roof raking is a process of gently removing the snow off of the roof without damaging the shingles, tiles, and drains. It costs around $200 to $500 for roof raking. Again the cost depends on the size, location, and the type of the roof. 

Roof sealing and coating

Roof sealing and coating on average can range from $1 to $4 per square foot. If the roof design is complex then costs will be higher.

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Summing It Up!

To extend the lifespan of your roof, the best thing you can do is to get your roof thoroughly cleaned and repaired annually. You will only have to keep $300 to $500 aside to hire a professional cleaner.

It might seem like a lot of money, but regular maintenance will prevent leaks or severe damage which is far better than repairing the entire roof!