Wallpaper has developed since the days of teapots and garish floral patterns. Today there are plenty of stylish pattern options, from subtle metallic paisley prints to chic black-and-white graphic designs. For a home with traditional style, there is nothing like a classic wallpaper print to set an elegant tone. If papering an entire wall doesn’t appeal, there are many ways to put these lovely papers to good use.

Where To Find Interesting Wallpaper Designs

These online resources are good places to start the search for the perfect wallpaper print.

How To Use Unique Wallpaper In Home Furnishing Projects

Wallpaper doesn’t have to go on the wall. These ideas are more budget- and time-friendly than papering an entire wall or room.

  • Use wallpaper as lining for cabinets, drawers, and shelves. Wallpaper can function as contact paper and can be used to add a bit of unexpected color to a plain dresser, sideboard, or bookcase.
  • Panels of wallpaper can be used to dress up a plain wardrobe or closet. Thin pieces of plywood or Styrofoam covered in decorative wallpaper can be tacked or even glued to a set of wardrobe or closet doors. Projects like this are particularly good for renters who cannot paint but would like to add some color to a plain white room.
  • Similar to the idea above, use wallpaper to spice up a basic room divider or screen. Panels of wallpaper can be used to set a room’s tone: urban chic with a graphic print, cozy cottage with a floral pattern, or white with silver accents for a funky modern look.

How To Use Wallpaper In Art Projects

Wallpaper can function as art all on its own. Highlight an elegant or unique print by displaying wallpaper as art.

Decorating with vintage pieces doesn’t have to mean creating a traditional home design. Antique furniture or vintage home accessories can be used in modern home design.

  • Use panels of Styrofoam or plain canvases from an art supply store to create easy wall art pieces with wallpaper. Simply paper the panel and staple or glue on the wall side, and hang framed or unframed. Use a smaller canvas or piece of Styrofoam to create a series of wallpaper art to decorate a mantel or bookshelf.
  • Wallpaper can serve to dress up centerpieces for entertaining. Plain pails, vases, and even clean coffee cans are easy to cover with wallpaper for a festive gathering. Look for patriotic papers for an Independence Day celebration, for children’s prints for birthday parties, and elegant florals or paisleys for a wedding reception.

Wallpaper can serve as ready-made decorations for homes, is easy to use, and can suit basically any home decorating budget.

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