What Are RubberWood Furniture Disadvantages?

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Rubberwood is an industrial wood that is gradually being used as a natural wood line in the interior market. Although this product possesses excellent advantages, the rubberwood furniture disadvantages are among the most concerned users.

Rubberwood furniture is one of the most popular product lines in the market. This product has very high applicability, from living room furniture to desks and chairs. 

What Are RubberWood Furniture Disadvantages?
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In the framework of today’s article, let us learn about some shortcomings of rubberwood furniture.

General Information About Rubber Trees

Origin of the rubber tree

Rubberwood is now very popular in countries with tropical monsoon climates. According to studies, this is a plant that thrives in the equatorial tropics with a hot and humid environment.

The rubber tree is a woody plant belonging to the rhubarb family and is of the most significant economic importance in the genus Hevea. This plant is native to the Amazon region of Cochinchina. 

However, rubber trees are grown mainly to take latex. Only when the trees can no longer be exploited for latex can they be used for timber. 

After logging, timber will be widely applied according to the specific purpose of each sector.

Natural growth characteristics

Rubber trees have the following outstanding natural growth:

Mature rubber trees can be over 30 meters tall. The sap of the tree is white or yellow, found in the latex vessels in the bark. 

Usually, rubber trees have an average height of about 20 meters, the roots are deeply rooted and resist drought, the bark is smooth and light brown.

The root system of rubber trees is extensive, concentrated in the frequency of cultivation. The canopy is comprehensive, and the cantonal roots grow there, which can be up to 6 – 10 meters.

Rubber leaves are double leaves, growing alternately and growing in layers. From year 3 onwards, the tree has a deciduous stage. In previous years, there was no such phenomenon.

Rubber trees can withstand droughts for 4-5 months but cannot withstand waterlogging and wind. Plants grow only on seeds.

The tree is only exploited for latex from about 5 years old, and exploiting time can be 20-30 years.

What Properties Does Rubberwood Have?

The characteristics of rubberwood are light, have low tolerance, low resistance to termites, and are easy to warp. However, this wood still possesses outstanding advantages such as beautiful wood, and many more. 

Therefore, rubberwood is very suitable for many uses, from building houses to making handicraft products or furniture. Therefore, their applicability is still very high. 

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Especially in recent years, when the scarcity of natural wood becomes more and more serious, rubberwood’s price is increasing enormously with great competitiveness.

Evaluate The Rubberwood Furniture Disadvantages And Advantages

Rubberwood furniture advantages

As one of the famous product lines today, rubberwood furniture offers one of the great choices for consumers. They possess outstanding advantages that you cannot find in other product lines. 

Moreover, up to now, products processed from natural materials have always been more appreciated.

About durability

With tables and chairs, such as bedside tables made entirely from rubberwood, you can be completely assured of their durability. Rubberwood is hardwood, cut wood. 

The tree is exploited all the latex and then put into the interior processing, thus reducing warping and termite due to inherent growth characteristics. 

Moreover, their load-bearing capacity and impact resistance are also evaluated as very stable.

About design

Rubberwood furniture always gives users beautiful products with high economic value. Besides, natural rubberwood has a natural wood yellow color, reddish-brown, beautiful, and suitable for all interior spaces. 

In particular, they possess the perfect wood grain. Regardless of design in any style, they will shine.

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What Are RubberWood Furniture Disadvantages?

About weight

Since rubber trees are lightwoods, the total weight of the tables or chairs processed from them is not too large, so moving has never been complicated.

Regarding safety

Latex may be very toxic, but rubberwood is exploited for furniture production when it no longer produces latex. 

So, according to experts, they are still completely safe for human health.

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What are rubberwood furniture disadvantages

Although possessing many outstanding advantages, rubberwood furniture as well as many other product lines so far still have outstanding shortcomings that cannot be overcome. 

It is these things that make many people hesitate when deciding whether to buy them or not.

About quality

In the most general way, rubberwood furniture has almost no durability or longevity compared to woods that are only exploited to produce other furniture. 

Besides, due to their growth properties, their quality is still somewhat inferior.

About price

Rubberwood’s economic value in the market is not small, so the cost of rubberwood furniture products is also relatively high. 

Therefore, rubberwood furniture is usually only for families with middle income or higher.

Rubberwood Furniture With Other Types Of Wood Furniture Comparison

Rubberwood and industrial wood

Industrial wood was born to solve the scarcity of natural wood, which is more severe today. 

Over time, industrial wood furniture products in general and industrial wood furniture, in particular, have gradually asserted themselves in the furniture market. 

So which kind of rubberwood furniture is better than that? So let’s make a comparison of rubberwood and industrial wood to see this.

Rubberwood has lightweight. Although the resistance is not high, the water permeability is low. Moreover, their wood grain is gorgeous, easily machined so that you can encounter all design styles in them.

Industrial wood also possesses many pluses such as low cost, no warping, shrinking, or worms. However, the material’s characteristics make this wood only suitable for processing modern and straightforward furniture models.

Rubberwood and pine

Many people still often consider which kind of pine and rubberwood furniture is better? Since the same is natural wood, the comparison just based on the wood group is straightforward as follows:

The pine tree is a tree with a large, upright wooden stem that is easy for manufacturers to pick up. Therefore, they are included in the list of materials with high commercial value.

For rubberwood, due to its growth properties, rubberwood furniture’s durability cannot be compared to pine wood. Therefore, their commercial value is often lower.

Rubberwood and melaleuca

Melaleuca timber is usually harvested after 13 years and must reach over 18 centimeters in diameter. Tables and chairs made of Melaleuca wood always have long-term durability and especially resistance to impact, high loads.

Rubberwood has inherently low strength and hardness of the wood core. Therefore, rubberwood furniture is underestimated compared to melaleuca wood furniture.

Should You Use Rubberwood Furniture?

So is rubberwood furniture good? Should you use rubberwood furniture?

When shopping for any interior model, we have to fret and check the product information. Furniture is products that are used for a long time to ensure comfort from our daily activities.

The overall quality of this product line cannot be compared with other wooden furniture. However, this is considered as one of the never-bad choices. 

When comparing them with the cheap industrial materials, they are still far superior. Many people are still satisfied with the quality of a rubberwood furniture product.

Therefore, you can completely rest assured when using rubberwood furniture for your family.

Final Words

The above article has shared with you the pros and cons of rubberwood furniture. That is all what are rubberwood furniture disadvantages. But they are not of concern. Therefore, you should confidently choose rubberwood furniture to decorate your home further.

Wish you will find the right product and thanks for reading!