What Are The Drawbacks to Solar Tube Lighting? Everything You Need to Know for Free?

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There are reasons consumers are resorting to lighting up their homes in this manner; Ranging from as a way of circumventing a pricey electricity supply, improving the lighting of the house to enhance the deficits of artificial lighting. Solar tube lighting is a very convenient way of providing natural light in your home.

So what are the drawbacks to solar tube lighting? Although the solar tube lighting offers some advantages such as its ease of installation, its ability to cut costs compared to the conventional electricity, its design flexibility and a lower risk of leaks; there are some drawbacks to solar tube lighting which are as follows;

What is Solar Tube Lighting?

The solar tube lighting is a pipe that is about 10 to 22 dm, which runs from the ceiling of the house to bring the light from the roof up to the rooms in the house. It works without using extra energy and save money on your electricity bill.

What Are The Drawbacks to Solar Tube Lighting?

Before delving into the drawbacks of solar tube lightings, there is a need for some information about the product.

High Initial Cost 

Aside from the overall low cost of solar tube lightings, the initial costs accrued when setting up the solar system is very high. It is not out of the ordinary as it would generally be an expensive move to change from regular power supply to natural solar energy. A high level of investment is required to get the standard power generation wrought by conventional electricity.

It is not suitable for all houses 

One can assume that an innovative device like solar tube lighting can be installed in every household by a home electrician. However, as usual, as this thought may seem, this is not the case. Some consumers have to cope with its lack of usability.

Solar tubes can only be installed in houses with conventional roofs, and if your roof is flat, you might have to take your time to look for other compatible designs. Come to think of it, with a roof which is A-frame; it is difficult to mount a solar tube.

It requires a big space 

Space is one of the factors to consider when deciding to install a solar tube lighting device. It can be very challenging to install a solar tube in a home with no space; as the more space you make out for the invention, the more solar energy you get.

There are more requirements if you need to illuminate a more significant area with solar tube lighting.

Ventilation is not possible 

For the solar tube lighting, ventilation cannot be installed with it. This lack of ventilation implies that you cannot open the lightings to allow for heat release or to catch a gentle breeze as you would do with standard skylight.

Do note that the longer the tube, the less light they can provide; hence, they may be ineffective in some areas.

One Cannot Control Solar Tube Lighting 

Unlike other sources of light or other light bulbs, the solar tube cannot be controlled as it does not have a power feature.  You can only have a say in controlling the amount of lighting it can provide, by going for any of the two types of solar tubes available.

The product comes in 10-inch and the 14-inch diameter, and you can also make use of a diffuser or a window film to control the lighting. You are likely to get irritated by this single factor, as you might suffer from exposure to extreme sunlight.

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It is only one source of energy

One inherent disadvantage of solar energy; you will only provide enough energy if there is a steady supply of sunlight. In the case of unpredictable situations of bad weather, you might have to store energy.

The Issue of The Water of Condensation 

This is one commonly reported issue amongst users of the solar tube lighting. The problem of water of condensation happens in humid weather where moist air finds its way into the tube.

This accumulated water can affect the lifespan of your lighting, and it can even be more severe if it starts leaking into your rooms. This water of condensation can also change the walls, ruining the paint.

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Benefits of solar tube lighting

Although a brief mention has been made of the benefits of solar tube lighting, it is only ideal we fully highlight the inherent advantages of installing this innovation in your home; these advantages include:

  • It is convenient and inexpensive
  • It is a suitable alternative to natural light.
  • It is effective
  • Design flexibility
  • Lower risk of leaks.

Generally, solar tube lightings are employed to complement the artificial light in homes with structural defects, and more individuals are adopting it in recent times. It is to supplement; it does little to enhance the design of the house. As the populace is gradually discovering the potential offered by solar energy, it is becoming expensive, and even solar companies are not helping by providing their services at an increased cost.


Finally, there is nothing out of the ordinary in knowing the drawbacks inherent in what one wants to invest. It is all in a bid to fully determine if this is going to be a good investment or not. Although it might be helpful to note that the benefits of this latest innovation, such as it is a cost-effective solution, not raising the temperature of the room, they are in every way like standard lighting in both the shape and size and overall a consistent source of sunlight.

These benefits far outweigh its drawbacks in specific contexts. Knowing the drawbacks of a product also gives a sort of awareness of what you are likely to encounter if you decide to choose the product. It would be useful if we get some constructive feedback from esteemed readers, and if there is still a need for further clarification, kindly get in touch with us. Cheers!

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