What Color Appliances With White Cabinets? (7 Stunning Ideas)

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Your kitchen reflects your personal preferences and style. Upgrading your kitchen cupboards may make a significant impact on the look and feel of the room. 

Selecting appliance colors to complement your white cabinets can be a difficult task. We’ve done the legwork for you and compiled a list of appliance colors that go well with white cabinets. 

White is the epitome of light neutrals and is very adaptable. So, what color appliances with white cabinets make the kitchen more appealing? Continue reading for our 7 recommended ideas.

1. Traditional Slate Appliances

The first concept we’d like to show you is a classic kitchen design with slate equipment and off-white cabinets. That’s how the gadgets can work well, not just in a contemporary setting but also in a more classic setting. 

The off-white cabinetry in the kitchen appears to be an excellent complement for the gray appliances. In addition, it contributes to the creation of a welcoming environment in the room. 

Another thing is the use of full slate appliances. The toaster, fridge, oven, microwave, and stove are among them.

credit: i.pinimg.com

When you pick a slate gadget for the kitchen, it is good to match the appearance of other gadgets. You’ll be able to maintain the interior’s matching design this way. 

You should be glad that many companies are now releasing this sort of kitchen equipment that’s compatible with many gadgets. It will be easier to put together a coordinated appearance this way.

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2. Blue-Island Kitchen Appliances

Another appealing kitchen layout to go with white and slate kitchen cabinets is here. This color will match and go perfectly with the transitional kitchen featuring pure white cabinets in color. 

The slate appliances, such as the refrigerator, ovens, and dishwasher, differ from those shown in the initial concept. It is because the grey hue seems deeper and has a cool undertone. 

credit: assets.blog.hgtv.ca

The usage of a blue-island kitchen color is something to be noticed more in our transitional kitchen. It appears to demonstrate that any hue may go well with any equipment and cabinet pairing. You also choose blue for this case.

3. Black Slate Appliances

You should look at this image if you need an example of how black slate appliances should seem. The refrigerator, oven, and microwave are all made of black slate. 

White raised-panel cabinets serve as a compliment, with the designer mentioning that they are likewise glazed in cream. This eat-in kitchen has a small footprint. 

credit: i.pinimg.com

Yet, despite the tiny proportions, the presence of slate equipment and white cabinetry as a combination produces a shock that makes the room appear appealing. 

A simple concept like this may have a significant effect. For example, if the issue is the kitchen’s tiny size, it might assist in diverting people’s attention away from the cramped conditions.

4. Slate Appliances With Cambria Quartz Countertops

Here is another unique kitchen design. Again, the warm tone of the cabinets dominates the color scheme in this transitional kitchen. 

This kitchen also features slate equipment. A refrigerator, dishwasher, and stove are among the gadgets provided. Everything would be perfect if it had the same appearance. 

Warm white kitchen cabinets, especially the base, are combined with Cambria quartz countertops with a yellowish tint. They go well together, especially when they’re coupled with slate appliances.

5. Wooden Accents With Slate Appliances

Let’s concentrate on the contrast between the grey slate appliances and the white flat-panel cabinets. It is something that adds to the interior’s beauty. 

Besides that, there’s another important takeaway from this kitchen decor that you should be aware of. It’s the use of wooden accents in various areas of the space. 

We may remark that the presence of these wooden accents is pleasing since they appear to be in perfect harmony with the slate pieces of equipment. 

credit: jimenezphoto.com

Wooden accents, such as these, are usually simple to combine with white cabinetry. 

It gets better since they may be a suitable fit for the equipment discussed in this article. By the way, if you’re wondering about the shade of the paint used to color the cabinets, we were able to find out.

6. Slate Appliances With Wood Countertops

Here’s another one that we like. It all comes down to the use of hardwood worktops in a kitchen with white cabinetry and slate equipment. 

First, let’s concentrate on the cabinetry’s design. It has a bit of a brown and a warm white undertone. When the kitchen equipment is combined with hardwood worktops, it becomes more realistic. 

The appearance goes well with the other colors in the contemporary kitchen, such as the walls, ceiling, and wood floor tone. 

credit: thespruce.com

They appear to mix in seamlessly with other components, including the wooden worktops and white cabinets and other aspects such as the floor and wall. This kitchen design appears to be lovely in general.

7. Black Slate Appliances With Black Countertops

Another option is to use white kitchen cabinetry with black slate appliances, making the kitchen layout look contemporary. 

At first look, it appears that the pattern is a timeless alternative. It’s primarily due to black appliances and the white cabinets, which resemble the basic black and white color scheme. 

The slate appliances’ matte fingerprint-resistant surface offers a subtle, bold look that is excellent for those who love black but don’t want a glossy appearance. It is because of the earthy and warm characteristics of this kitchen equipment. 

 credit: i.pinimg.com

These fascinating black slate appliances are available in various styles and have the same black slate look as the other equipment, which attracts people’s eyes. This combination completes the appearance.

You can rely on this video to better understand what color appliances match well with white cabinets.


Slate appliances look great with white cabinetry in a variety of ways. The most important thing to remember is that any shade of white will work well with this sort of equipment. 

However, the visual effect will vary based on the tone you choose for the furnishings. We hope our reference on what color appliances with white cabinets will satisfy you. Thanks for reading!