What Color Countertop Goes With White Cabinets? (3 Best Choices)

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Refer to some eye-catching color schemes for modern kitchen cabinets below to create a unique, never dull point for your kitchen. One question that arises for all those passionate and interested in kitchen design is: “What color countertops go with white cabinets?”

This article will give you some appropriate options in choosing a harmonious color for your kitchen’s white cabinet.

3 Countertop Colors That Go With White Cabinets

White cabinets are one of the most critical, elegant kitchen cabinet selections. Whether it is an entirely white kitchen or a white cabinet, there are many perfect choices for your home. Some interior design ways with a white color scheme are recommended below. 

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White countertop 

If you are interested in aesthetics or fashion, you must know the concept of “white-in-white,” which refers to designs that only use a single white color. Similarly, you can choose many materials for the interior, such as Laminate, Melamine, and Acrylic, but all must be in the same white tone.

This choice creates a home space rich in aesthetics, impressive, and beautiful. It would help balance the humidity in the interior design space by choosing wooden floors with yellow light.

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Woodgrain countertop

Simple but not dull, this is the most popular choice in modern apartments with simplicity but sophistication, harmony in design. The warm, idyllic feeling from wood and white surfaces brings a compact and delicate interior design that pulls family members closer together.

With this choice of white interior design. You will also have more choices of floor colors and textures such as wooden floors or stone floors are reasonable.

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Gray countertop 

Designing white interiors with dark gray or sharp gray would be a disruptive choice. These are all neutral colors, so these colors are easy to combine and resonate to highlight each other.

If you like this interior design idea, you should choose the floor with light stone or wood grain to create the most harmonious overall.


Other Color Schemes Options For Your Kitchen

Light gray

Light gray is a neutral color, suitable as a background for any space. It may seem tedious, but when combined with white cabinets, it becomes surprisingly lively. In addition, gray countertops are also very easy to clean and clean, even if it is dirty, it is difficult to see.

The simple light gray kitchen countertops create a seamless look. The low kitchen gave a place for accessories, leaving more workspace. Natural light, combined with light pine wood floors, keeps it light and airy. A simple three-legged stool, boxed lighting, and wavy spherical pendant lights complete the look.

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Apricot yellow

Apricot is a youthful, bright, new color. Combined with white is very harmonious and modern.

Yellow color also helps to enhance the elegant look and brighten up your kitchen. It integrates the warm tone into your kitchen.

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Dark tones

A common way to coordinate on a dominant white background is to use dark colors such as black, gray, or brown to highlight the room. With a white background, these colors will stand out and be the eye-catching point in the room. The trick is to dot these dark colors evenly throughout the room.

It can be furniture, a few textures on the wall, or a picture of art. By doing so, the space will be divided more evenly and not be too heavy on any one point.

Dark countertops are ideal for creating a contrasting impression. Although many people equate dark counters with black countertops, this is not necessarily the case. Numerous surfaces are darker tones of brown and blue that might help you generate the contrast you desire in your kitchen.

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Perhaps metal, especially shiny stainless steel, is a factor that pairs very well with white. Combining them will create a classy and flashy beauty for the room space and a visual effect to help the room become larger. This combination is often found in kitchen areas such as refrigerators, kitchen cabinets, or sinks.

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What Materials Can You Use For Kitchen Countertops? 

Besides choosing the right countertop color to go with white cabinets, the countertop material also plays an integral part in creating a focal point for the kitchen. Hence, we must also consider what materials can be used for kitchen countertops?

When it comes to kitchen countertop materials, there are a plethora of excellent possibilities. Traditional selections like granite and marble and a more contemporary kitchen look such as quartz and slate will provide you with many options. In general, there are seven excellent materials listed below for you to choose from:

  • Granite countertops: feature speckles and sediment veining that complement the background.
  • Marble countertops: one of the most beautiful and popular types of this natural stone, a timeless classic for the home.
  • Quartzite countertops: This gorgeous natural stone’s brown and gold tones will look great with white cabinets.
  • Quartz countertops: One of the most durable options on the market, and it can help you feel more spacious. It is basically engineered stone, which creates a rough edge for your kitchen. It has a pleasant and tidy aspect, that people adore. To get the best stone at the best price, go to Qstone.cl and make an online purchase. You can look through our extensive selection of slabs and countertops for the kitchen and bath, as well as stylish and functional solutions to meet your demands..
  • Slate countertops: A stunning natural blue-grey stone that is very excellent in modern kitchen environments.
  • Concrete countertop: concrete countertop can last a very long time and can be customized to any color. It provides your kitchen with an industrial look. 
  • Soapstone countertops: Smoke soapstone with dark gray undertones looks well with white cabinets.
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There are appropriate countertop alternatives for every kitchen, from traditional kitchens to modern settings, whether you wish to match or contrast your white cabinets. The options listed above might help you decide which material will look best with your white cabinets.

Final Words

If you’re looking for what color countertops go with white cabinets, we hope that our article has been of much help. 

There are numerous attractive countertop alternatives for the white cabinets, from material to color. All in all, white is the most minimalist and easy-to-match color in the palette, so choosing the suitable color for your kitchen countertops is not a challenge at all.