What Color Granite Goes With Honey Oak Cabinets (6 Best Choices)

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When it comes to oak, it is a solid, timeless wood often used for kitchen cabinets. But, if you choose the right countertop, it can make your kitchen look greater and newer. 

Moreover, when selecting a granite countertop color to best complement your honey-toned oak cabinets, you might consider many factors: appliances, the floor color, and decorating style. Genuine granite comes in a wide range of natural colors and veining patterns, making it difficult to choose the right one.

Thus, if the question “what color granite goes with honey oak cabinets” boggles your mind, follow this article to discover some suitable suggestions for your kitchen renovation.

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6 Granite Suggestions Goes Nicely With Honey Oak Cabinets

Honey oak cabinets can generally go well with white granite, gray, ivory, warm beige tones. However, it depends on the color of the surrounding appliances or the floor to choose the most suitable one to highlight your kitchen.

Because honey oak has exceptionally warm tones (honey color), it is best paired with other warm-toned hues. As a result, matching them with granite colors like black, blue, red, pink, or purple is not recommended.

Here are several granites that pair nicely with honey oak cabinets:

Snowfall granite

Choosing an option-like snowfall that is white and gray with splashes of caramel makes the kitchen follow the bright white style. Furthermore, to accentuate your kitchen, choose the color of backsplashes that is the typical tone between the granite and oak cabinets.


Hawaii granite

Hawaiian granite offers a warm, honey oak-like tone. This granite background is creamier with touches of burned orange, rose, light brown, and a hint of black. It makes a more subtle contrast while retaining that fresh, bright appearance that everyone is aiming for.

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Netuno Bordeaux granite

As its name implies, Netuno Bordeaux granite is in the desirable Bordeaux family of granites. They are also known for their sumptuous wine hues. Furthermore, Netuno Bordeaux has a dusty rose background with darker colors added.

This stone may transform a solid oak cabinet into a warm, glowing amber backdrop for a simple kitchen with the proper oak cabinet, basic travertine tile, and neutral accessories.

 credit: st.hzcdn.com

Titanium granite

Titanium is a unique black granite with gray swirls and a caramel gold sheen going perfectly with honey oak cabinets. In detail, if you choose a white or light tile floor with a white backsplash tile, you’ll have a take on the classic black and white kitchen. For a black-toned option with a more subdued pattern, consider Black Pearl granite.

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Coffee brown granite

The earth-tone family, particularly Coffee Brown granite, is also a good match for honey oak cabinets. The minerals in this granite are black and dark brown, and they are distributed in a tiny, even pattern. For those looking for a traditional design, this is a perfect match for oak cabinets.

credit: i.pinimg.com

Ganache granite

This granite has a pattern similar to Netuno Bordeaux and Hawaii granite. However, instead of reds, it has more earth tones. In detail, it has oaky hues mixed in with the more apparent tones. As a result, with this choice, you will have a same-tone design for the eye-catching kitchen.

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General Tips On Choosing Countertops For Your Kitchen

Consider other components of the kitchen

Is there any dark flooring, paint, or equipment in the kitchen? If you like a more opulent appearance and your cabinets are light wood, you could select a darker countertop. However, if you want a bright, fresh space in your kitchen and have dark oak cabinets, a lighter-colored countertop may be a good choice for balance.

Change paint of the cabinets

If there’s no way to replace an existing oak cabinet, changing paint or staining can give it a new life. Therefore, you can easily choose the countertop. Yet, it is essential to consider the pros and cons of this method.

Notice the practical demand

While it’s all well to pick a countertop primarily on aesthetics, the practical needs of your kitchen also need considering. Marble and natural stone, for example, may readily stain, so if you’re messy, this might not be the ideal countertop option for you.

Pay attention to the budget

In general, higher-priced countertops have more advantages. For example, laminate and wooden options are on the cheaper end of the spectrum, whereas engineered stone can be costly. As a result, it’s crucial to consider the budget before deciding on the kitchen style.


How do you make oak cabinets look modern?

Neutrals and basic classic colors are excellent choices for modernizing wood cabinets. Instead of contrasting the wood with a color such as blue or green, neutrals keep things clean and contemporary while adding visual appeal.

What color quartz goes with honey oak cabinets?

By combining quartz with oak cabinets, you may add a touch of modern appeal to your room. For example, white quartz countertops suit dark cabinets. Meanwhile, black quartz countertops go nicely with honey oak cabinets.

Are oak cabinets coming back in style?

With high popularity in the early ’90s, oak cabinets of yesteryear had a major problem: they didn’t go well with the granite countertop types that were popular at the time. Yet, oak cabinets are now making a comeback. Indeed, with new designs, it can create a classic design and be part of a modern design.


Choosing a color for a granite countertop requires considering many relevant factors to make your kitchen design one of a kind. In addition, be sure to select a color reflecting your presence and personality.

To sum up, this article has provided enough information to help you answer what color granite goes with honey oak cabinets. Hopefully, with this information, you can make the right choice for your kitchen.