What Color Granite Goes with Oak Cabinets and Black Appliances

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Oak cabinets are prevalent in most modern kitchens and would effectively boost the aesthetics of the whole room, especially when paired with the appliances. Together, they will reflect the style you want in decorating your kitchen.

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The widespread hesitation of black stainless steel, which is now often black in kitchen appliances, also prevails. In your kitchen, just having oak cabinets and black appliances together is not enough to make it stand out.

On the other hand, the color of granite is also a factor that makes your kitchen design modern without fear of being outdated. So what to do now is find a beautiful granite countertop to match your oak cabinets and black appliances.

What color granite goes with oak cabinets and black appliances? If you’re looking for an answer, look no further than this article!

Brighter Colored Granite

Neutral color is one of the advantages of oak in that it is easy to combine with black appliances to create harmony. This makes finding a suitable dark granite simple for anyone. Below, we bring you a few suggestions for lighter-colored granites that work well with oak cabinets and black appliances.

Snow White Granite

Snow White granite is a popular granite used by many users today because of its fundamental color tone. This stone has a beautiful white color with gray veins.

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This is the right choice for light-colored kitchen countertops to create contrast with black appliances and highlight them. If you want your kitchen to have a light design, this natural stone is perfect.

Giallo Napoleone Granite

Giallo Napoleone Granite is a stone with a slightly deeper color than snow white granite. This stone has a consistent milky white color and prominent yellow and burgundy spots. 

If you own a Giallo Napoleone granite tabletop, you won’t have to worry about stains showing up, and they are also a great choice to pair with oak cabinets.

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New Venetian Gold Granite 

The color of the new Venetian gold granite is somewhat similar to Giallo Napoleone granite. However, this stone is more prominent with amber spots combined with off-white and black colors that make its beauty harmonious.

Overall it’s more of a gray color than the yellowish tone of Giallo Napoleone granite. This granite is also a good idea to pair with black appliances and oak cabinets.

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Medium Tone Granite

If the granite color of the kitchen countertop is too bright, it is easy to reveal a lot of stains when you cook. However, if you don’t like the table too dark, then a medium-tone granite will suit your taste.

Some of the neutral-toned stones below combined with oak cabinets and black appliances can help you turn your kitchen into an elegant neutral-styled room.

Neptune Bordeaux Granite

Neptune Bordeaux granite is ivory and gray-colored granite with brown veins. This type of granite is neither too dark nor too light, which will make your kitchen warmer.

At the same time, the combination of this granite with natural oak cabinets and black appliances creates a harmonious look that is neither too intense nor too faded.

Golden Persa Granite

If you want your kitchen to be a little bolder, then Golden Persa granite is the way to go. This type of granite has a striking yellow color along with brown and gray shades. In addition, this stone can transform a sturdy oak cabinet into a warm amber background.

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Giallo Ornamental Granite

Giallo Ornamental granite has a neutral color between the two types of granite above. Its bold and gray tones easily match any stylish kitchen cabinet, including oak ones with black devices.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this type of granite is often the top choice for most homes’ kitchen countertops.


Dark Tone Granite

The trend of using dark granite kitchen countertops is also viral because it creates the delicate beauty of your kitchen. So if you’re looking for a darker granite color to pair with your oak cabinets and other appliances, then maybe these suggestions will be just what you need.

Imperial Coffee Granite

Imperial Coffee granite is granite with a consistent brown tone with small white spots. Overall, they resemble the color of the earth. 

This will be the perfect choice if you want a contrast between the color of the kitchen table with the oak cabinets while not overshadowing other black appliances.

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Black Pearl Granite

This stone is an excellent choice in your kitchen, with oak cabinets contrasting color to it. Besides, the color of this granite also creates a synchronization for black devices.

Painting the walls white is also a great combination with black pearl granite. From there, your kitchen will become more sophisticated and luxurious.

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Titanium Granite

This stone is also the same dark tone as the two stones above, but it also has excellent white veins that make it unique. Like the black pearl granite, you can also combine it with wooden cabinets and paint the bright white walls for contrast.

This combination will bring a sophisticated and timeless beauty to your kitchen.

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Besides the types mentioned above of granite, there will be hundreds of other types of granite for you to choose from. Therefore, you will always be assured that you will find suitable granite samples to combine with other objects in your kitchen.

Another note for you is that the best way to find granite that pairs well with your oak cabinets and black appliances is to visit the granite workshops for a clearer vision. 

This will help you find a variety of granite and take the time to help you find the suitable stone for your cabinet and style.

In addition, to understand more about how to choose the right type of granite for your kitchen, you can also refer to this video

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Final Thoughts

These granites above answer the question, “What color granite goes with oak cabinets and black appliances?”.

Granite is one of the top choices for your kitchen as it won’t take much effort to clean and maintain, allowing you to keep your granite countertops looking good for years to come. Accordingly, your kitchen will always be fresh, no matter how long it lasts.

And finally, we hope that this article will save you a headache when choosing the right granite color for your kitchen. Don’t forget to visit our website for more great tips!