What Color Hardware for White Kitchen Cabinets?

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When you are planning to give a fresh new touch to your home’s kitchen or decorating a new one, you need to consider every detail of the space carefully.

And for that, you need to think of the hardware for your cabinets too. When it comes to the interior decoration of your kitchen, you need to think of the cabinets in the first place.

In a kitchen, the cabinets occupy the most prominent place visually. At the same time, it also plays a pivotal role in maintaining functionality by offering an ample amount of storage.

So, when you are deciding the look of the kitchen, you need to consider the cabinets. And while doing so, you should choose the right type of hardware too.

Choosing Hardware for Your White Kitchen Cabinets

White wholesale kitchen cabinets are a versatile and visually appealing option for a kitchen that can be decorated traditionally, transitionally, and in the most modern way.

When you are choosing the cabinet hardware, the primary focus is functionality. But the hardware is also an element that can enhance the visual appeal of your white kitchen cabinets.

How? Take a look.

  • The hardware that you should stand out on your white cabinets and will give you an opportunity to be bold with the look.
  • For warm appeal, you can go for gold, bronze or black.
  • To maintain a cool aesthetic, you can choose silver, grey, pewter and black.
  • When choosing the hardware, consider the lighting, other appliances and other metal accents you are choosing for the space as everything should be in the right visual balance.

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Should the Hardware Match Hinges and Faucets?

There is no hard and fast rule. But when it comes to the cabinet hardware and matching hinges, you have to think of one factor.

Think of the hinges are exposed to not. If they are exposed, then having the right visual appeal is a must. But if the hinges remain concealed, then it doesn’t need to match the knobs and handles.

For the faucet, even though there is no rule, yet creating a uniformed appeal or a harmony of the aesthetics will be necessary. So, if you are not choosing the same metal, make sure that you are creating the perfect visual appeal.

Now, let’s talk about the colors and options for hardware for your antique white kitchen cabinets. Read on and get inspired.

What Color Hardware for White Kitchen Cabinets?

Black Matte Finish

Back color creates a sharp contrasting appeal with your white cabinets. And when you are choosing the matte finish for the hardware, it will offer a sleek modern appeal to your kitchen.

So, when you are choosing a black matte finish for the hardware of your cabinets in a white shade, it will look perfect.

To create more balance and harmony with it, you should choose dark grey colors for ovens and appliances. For a backslash, you can choose a shade of grey.

Brass in Gold Tone

When you are choosing a traditional warm welcoming appeal for your kitchen, adding the accent of gold will be a perfect choice. It is a classy and timeless option for your kitchen cabinets and drawers.

When you are looking for the best option for white cabinets, the touch of gold will create a perfect traditional appeal.

Also, if you are looking for a way to create a farmhouse kitchen, this will be the right option. To ace this look, choose other furniture in the kitchen in brown.

The warmth of the kitchen will make you and your family members feel welcomed.

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Are you designing an industrial or a vintage kitchen?

Well, in that case, you need to create a contrasting appeal but for that, black will not be the right choice. And for such a kitchen, getting a bronze patina for hardware is the best call.

It comes in rich brown colors and creates the perfect contrast with the white discount kitchen cabinets. This will create the perfect aesthetic appeal with the brown industrial lighting, marble or brown counter top and shaker style doors.

This will also add a touch of durability to your kitchen.

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A rustic or cottage-style kitchen will need the touch of reddish-brown in the décor.

And that is why with your white cabinets, copper will be the perfect tone. The reddish gorgeous tones of copper will create a beautiful appeal in your kitchen décor.

To make this look work, choose the cabinets that will be painted in softer shades of white with the matte sheen. And to create harmony, choose vintage appeal and wooden furniture with textures or grains in the kitchen.


Pewter is the unique material that can create a perfect look in the modern and contemporary kitchen when you don’t want silver or grey or the reflective quality that steel has.

This color is a blend of grey and silver, quite like a slate color and will add a touch of sleek no-nonsense look to your kitchen.

Even though it doesn’t have the reflective quality, still it can create a perfectly balanced clean modern look in your kitchen.


In a modern household, when you are creating a kitchen that will match the lifestyle and futuristic design of your kitchen, you should opt for silver. This is a very cool tone in its appeal while maintaining a touch of contemporary style.

The stainless steel hardware brings in the perfect touch of modernism to your kitchen décor. To make this look perfect, go for steel appliances and a grey shiny backsplash.

For this particular look, having exposed hinges in steel will also work.

So, what are you waiting for? While picking up the white cabinets for your kitchen, pick any of these types of hardware so that it not only suits the kitchen aesthetics but also enhances it perfectly.

If you are hiring an interior designer, discuss these ideas with them. Find out whether you can mix and match the hardware or you should go for just one option.