What Is a Shouse House? Nine Reasons Your Next Home Should Be a Shouse

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Building a new home is a major undertaking, which is why you need to consider all design options. One of the latest trends in home design is the “shouse.”

What Is a Shouse House?

A shouse is a house combined with a personal workshop under a single roof. While many traditional homes include a small garage, a shouse has a large space with concrete flooring that can work as a garage, workshop, or storage space.

Most shouses also use post-frame construction with steel frames. The same type of construction is often used for agricultural buildings, detached garages, warehouses, and barns. So, why should you build a shouse?

Here are nine of the top reasons to make a shouse your next home.

1. Shouses Are Cheaper to Build

Building a shouse should cost less compared to a traditional home. The average cost of new home construction is $150 per square foot. Shouses are about half the price.

Individuals with limited funds or less-than-stellar credit may find it easier to finance construction for a shouse. The average price to build a shouse is about $80 per square foot. Building it yourself costs even less. Thanks to the lower costs, you may avoid getting turned down for a construction loan or use the savings to build a bigger home.

2. Shouses Provide Almost Limitless Design Options

The post-frame construction used for most shouses supports the roof without needing load-bearing walls. The wide-open frame makes it easier to incorporate almost any design.

You have the freedom to choose the layout and floor plan that works best for you. You can add an open floorplan that extends across the entire width or length of the frame or add a mezzanine area or loft for an extra bedroom or storage.

The frame also allows you to place doors and windows almost anywhere. You can easily modify the metal frame to meet your needs while working with a wood stud frame limits your options.

3. Extra Protection Against Severe Weather

Shouses are often one-floor buildings with metal frames. The design of the shouse offers greater protection against severe weather compared to a traditional home.

The metal frame is extremely durable and less prone to damage from strong winds. A well-built shouse may withstand minor hurricanes and tornadoes. The metal roof and siding also shield against hail, rain, and snow.

4. Shouses May Conserve More Energy

Living in a shouse may help you spend less on heating and cooling. The design of a shouse allows you to add more insulation to help maintain indoor temperatures.

Most shouses are built with metal frames, siding, and roofing. Metal is not a good insulator and can reduce the insulating property of wall insulation, but the frame includes deeper wall cavities. The deeper cavities can hold more insulation. If you use a product with a high insulating value, such as spray foam or blown-in insulation, you can cut energy costs.

5. You Can Build Your New Home Faster

Shouses typically take less time to build compared to standard houses. Instead of waiting close to a year to move into your new home, you may only need to wait a few months.

A DIY project could be completed in a few weeks. However, you also need to wait for subcontractors for the electrical and plumbing, and building inspectors to verify that everything meets local codes. Whether you build it yourself or hire a contractor, you can still move in more quickly than if you had built a standard house.

6. Shouses Provide More Storage Space

The main feature of a shouse is the large workshop space attached to the living area. While it is often used as a workshop, you could use it as storage or a garage. Many shouse designs incorporate garage doors. You can park almost any machinery or equipment inside, making it a great option for farmers or those with large lawn equipment.

7. Tradespeople Avoid Commuting

The first shouses were two-floor buildings that included a shop area on the bottom floor and a living area or small apartment above for the shopkeeper. A modern shouse is also the perfect residence for a shopkeeper or any tradesperson.

Do you enjoy woodworking? Are you an independent mechanic, furniture maker, or sculptor? The workshop area of your shouse offers the most convenient way to carry out your trade. You avoid commuting and are always a short walk from your workspace. You can take breaks and check in on the family or put in a few extra minutes of work any time of the day or night.

8. Shouses Are Available in Building Kits

You can build a shouse yourself. Unless you are a building contractor, you are unlikely to receive financing to build a standard house from scratch. Purchasing the necessary material is also a challenge.

Shouse building kits offer a DIY solution. You can buy the kit and take care of as much or as little of the work as you want. For example, you could enlist friends to help with certain stages of construction or outsource tasks to subcontractors.

9. Shouses Should Last a Lifetime

A shouse with a steel metal frame should outlive you and offer a stable home for generations to come. You can enjoy the comfort of moving into a brand-new home and knowing that it can stand the test of time.

You now have nine great reasons to consider building a shouse. Compared to standard houses, shouses are more affordable, convenient, flexible, durable, and unique.