What Is Steel Frame Garden Room? What Are The Benefits?

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A garden room may look simple, but it’s different from a summerhouse or sheds built, which are typically built with old construction philosophy. Garden rooms generally come with a modern design.

The traditional material for a garden room is timber. However, with new construction innovations, the steel frame garden room is becoming more popular.

So, what is a steel frame garden room, and what are the benefits?

Well, that’s what this article is going to cover.

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Steel Frame Garden Room – What Is It?

The steel frame garden room may not look different from its traditional counterpart when viewed from the outside. However, it’s what’s on the inside that sets the steel frame garden room apart from the conventional version.

The use of timber stud work as the structural load-bearing frame is the standard practice for the traditional garden room. However, the steel frame garden room makes use of light-gauge steel as a replacement for the timber. Also, it’s typical to use galvanized steel.

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What Are The Benefits?

* Stronger – while timber is a strong material, it’s no match compared to galvanized steel. Also, light gauge steel is stronger and lighter when compared to wood of the same size. Keep in mind that light gauge steel is also known as cold-formed steel.

* Faster To Build – the beauty of using steel is that it can be designed and fabricated away from the construction site. Thus, when it arrives at the site, the sole focus is just assembly.

Furthermore, since its light gauge steel is lighter, that translates to easier handling, which boils down to faster construction times.

Keep in mind that the lighter properties of light-gauge steel are not just a “nice-to-have.” Faster construction times will mean lower labor costs since paying workers by the hour is typical.

In other words, just don’t compare the cost of timber and light-gauge steel in a vacuum. You’d also want to factor in labor cost to estimate more accurately.

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* Lasts Longer – another advantage of light-gauge steel over timber is it lasts longer with little maintenance. This is because such kind of steel does not warp, crack, split or rot in the long run, which is also the reason why timber needs to be replaced sooner than later.

Furthermore, you don’t have to deal with termites or other insect infestations with steel.

While it is true that you can make timber last almost as long as steel, it usually takes a lot of maintenance on your part.

* Higher Accuracy – because fabricated steel is often manufactured mostly by computers, you can expect high accuracy with the measurement.

In fact, most modern steel manufacturing equipment can be as accurate as up to 0.5mm. This translates to a sturdier and more structurally-sound garden room.

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Wrapping It All Up

A steel frame garden room is similar to your traditional counterpart, except it uses light-gauge steel instead of wood. Because of the different materials, it comes with its unique benefits such as being stronger, faster construction times, lasting longer, and more structurally sound.

Hence, if you are thinking of constructing a garden room, then researching more about the steel-frame version is worth your time.