What is the Easiest Way to Remove Old Carpets?

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People get rid of their carpets for different reasons. The most common reasons include the fact that it’s old, or when they’re changing the flooring. When you’ve decided to do so, you’ll need to get the right carpet removal help.

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The entire carpet removal project is a tall order for many homeowners. This is even worse when you have no tools to support you throughout the removal. Nonetheless, the satisfaction that comes with changing from your old carpet to a new one is unmatched.

You can always save a few bucks by doing the carpet removal project yourself. But you’ll need to get the right tools for the job first. So, here’s how to go about the carpet removal process:

Start by Outlining the Goal of the Carpet Removal

What do you intend to accomplish at the end of the carpet removal project? Some things you’ll consider here include:
● Are you saving what’s underneath the carpet?
● Will you switch to hardwood, vinyl or tiles after the removal?
● What are you replacing the old carpet with? If you’re setting up a new carpet, do you have someone to install it for you? Some carpet installers may even offer removal at a free or subsidized price.

Figure out the Disposal Method before Carpet Removal

How are you going to dispose of the carpet once you have removed it? Are you going to take it to the landfill? Or are you calling in a carpet removal company to help? You may have to spend some money on carpet removal. Consider the following:

Make Early Arrangements

For instance, if the installers of the new carpet are the same ones meant to remove the old carpet, let them know beforehand. They may want to figure that out with the price they quote you. So, of course, not letting them know could cause an inconvenience.

Call the Dumpsite

Talk to your waste management company and discuss carpet disposal. They may receive it for free or charge a minimal fee for the disposal. Be sure to mention that you have a carpet, as some may have carpet-specific rates.

Contact a Carpet Removal Company

There are tons of carpet removal companies to choose from. The idea is to check ideal carpet cleaner’s websites and get the one that matches your needs. The best part is that you’ll get to rest and see them remove the carpet for you. In addition, since they are professionals, they’ll get there with all the right tools.

Moving Furniture

Furniture is the biggest obstruction when removing your carpet. You’ll need to take them out of the house or move them to the next room as you remove the carpet. But here’s the problem – furniture is very bulky. Therefore, you’ll probably need help removing your furniture. And that’s the great part about hiring a carpet removal company. They’ll do all the “donkey work” for you, including moving the furniture.

If you’re moving your furniture outside until the project is done, remember to cover them with polythene. Alternatively, you can rent a storage compartment to store them until you’re done with the project.

Vacuum the Carpet

Vacuuming isn’t a must when you’re removing the carpet. However, it may help cut down dust significantly. Many people have allergic reactions to dust, and failing to vacuum can worsen the situation for you. Hiring Scarborough carpet cleaning experts with the best tools for cleaning can help you with these.

Protect Yourself During Carpet Removal

This is particularly important if you’ve decided to go the DIY way. However, if you’re hiring a carpet removal company, be rest assured that they’ll show up with all the tools. Choosing a DIY carpet removal technique means that you’ll have to equip yourself with masks and other PPEs. You wouldn’t want to jeopardize your health at all in the name of carpet removal. Some PPEs you’ll need to get include:
● Masks.
● Heavy work gloves – they’ll come in handy since you’ll be working around tacks, staples, and rough carpet edges.
● Close-toed shoes – this will protect your feet in case you step on any staple or tack strip.

Prepare New Flooring

You’ll need to prepare your floor for the next item once you’re done with the carpet removal project. Try and check if there are any squeaks so that you can repair them. You wouldn’t want to place a new carpet on a damaged floor.

To prevent old stains from reemerging across the new carpet, consider applying a stain-blocking primer. If there’s any wood damaged by water, level the subfloor. For a repainted floor, allow it to dry first before applying the new carpet.

Otherwise, you’ll stain it and have a messy carpet altogether. To prepare for this, you can contact the carpet removal company to help if you feel stuck.

Final Thoughts

When handling a carpet removal project, you can decide to do it solo through DIY techniques. Otherwise, contact a company specializing in removing carpets to help you out. For DIY, use the tips above to make the process a lot smoother.