What Kind of Paint to Use on a Bathroom Vanity?


Renovation of a bathroom can be as easy as adding a new cover to armchairs or walls. Whatever part of the bathroom the facelift is, it is essential to select the right paint. Before spraying those coveted designer paints for your bathroom cabinets, remember several considerations.

It will be essential for a first to select the type of surface area of the bathroom (wood, metal, laminate) that is recommended and to have it tinted to the color of the topcoat before you start painting. It is essential in the dark or stained surface because the original finish can appear on the coat.

Consult your paint dealer expert who can help you choose the most suitable first.

What type of Paint is Best For Bathroom Vanity?

It is also essential to choose the best paint for cabinets in bathrooms. While you don’t collect as many greasy bathroom cabinets as you collect in your kitchen, you will have to select paint to protect your cabinets. Acrylic enamel and alkyd paint are the most popular options for bathroom cases. Acrylic paints or on the water are smooth and easy to clean with water.

The easy and practical way to change your bathroom is to paint your vanity. But it would help if you first prepared the vanity before you can begin painting. If you try to paint it as it is, the paint will not stick to the vanity correctly, and you end up with a subpar look.

Semi-Gloss Paint

Home designers and remodelers agree that semi-gloss paint is the best solution to paint bathrooms virtually universally. It includes walls, cabinets, and accessories, requiring moisture, moisture, staining, and chipping protection. The bathrooms in a residential house are used more than the ordinary room so that paint can be easily washed and melted. 


Satin sits between gloss and eggs. It has a thin protective layer that makes cleaning a little easier than no-sheen paints. Thus, if you want a sleeker than glass texture with many benefits of a gloss finish, this is an excellent choice for your bathroom.


Professional painters usually steal people from flat, matt, and eggshell finishes for bathroom projects because the soft painting is subject to mildew with high moisture content. They’re also not that simple to clean, which is essential for bathroom walls.

But matte walls add a smooth and glossy room to a soft dimension that gives it a luxurious appeal.

Fortunately, in recent years, paint technology has gone a long way. Matt, flat and egg-shell bath paints are designed to withstand mildew and facilitate cleaning.


Glossy paints provide the highest moisture protection. Shiny finishes can be cleaned quickly to make them ideal for cabinets and toilets.


The semi-gloss option includes both oil-based and acrylic paints. For bathroom cabinets, select quick-drying water-based acrylic. To improve adherence to the new semi-gloss color, use first paint or lightly sand existing paint finishes. Buy paint with additional mildewcide when available. Some manufacturers provide “bath paints” containing mildewcide and other protective products.

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How To Paint Your Bathroom Vanity?

Preparing vanity is an essential step in painting, but it also takes your time to finish off with a lovely finished product.

Remove Hardware

Start with the removal of the vanity doors and drawers and the hardware uninstall. Never use hardware, like hinges and handles, as it affects the functioning of the cabinet. You may contact a paint shop and ask that they be refurbished if your hinges and hardware have been previously painted.

To remove hinges and hardware, use a cordless drill or screwdriver. If there are adjustable racks for your cabinets, remove the racks from the cabinets – and support hardware.

Patch Holes

As the handle hardware is in various screw configurations, it may not fit the existing hole to the hardware you plan. If so, putty and sand the existing holes smoothly.

Clean the Vanity

Before painting bathroom cabinets, remove dirt and fat such as trisodium phosphate, clean the faces of the cases and drawers on both sides of doors and racks (TSP). Follow the instructions from the manufacturer regarding the bucket’s packaging, water mixing, and TSP. Wear rubber gloves and protective goggles. Use a sponge to clean the TSP-water mixture. Use a putty knife to fill a nick or teeth with packing compound or wood filler once the cabinets are clean and dry; let them dry.

Use Sand To Remove Gloss

Now is sand time. Sand with 200-graded sandpaper to help the new paint adhere to the wood more efficiently so that all the gloss removes.

Test the Paint

Test the new color before you coat the whole thing by priming and painting a cabinet door back. It lets you ensure that you like the color and, more importantly, that your paint finish adheres to the case and that your preparatory steps produce a smooth finish. If your finish is not satisfying, consult your local paint shop for advice on painting cabinets for the bathroom.

Paint Cabinets

Painters recommend that your paint be mixed within 24 hours to ensure even coverage. Always ensure that your color is well mixed and then put into a tray of paint. Load a paint roll or brush. Start with wardrobe doors that take longer to paint because you need to allow dry time to paint the opposite side before turning them around. If you adjust your shelves and need a fresh coat of paint inside your wardrobes, then now is your time to start to paint them. 

Reassemble the Drawers

Once the paint finish of the bathroom has dried up entirely, it is high time to reassign the drawer pulls, screw the hinges on the doors, and pend the doors to your map on the cabinet box. Spray hardware and dry before re-assembly, if desired. Slide back into place in every drawer.


Discuss a sprayer suitable for you with the painting professional and work with them to get what you need. These tools are simple to use and ensure that the finish is smooth.

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