White Vs. Cream Kitchen Cabinets: Which Is More Suitable For Your Kitchen?

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Choosing a color scheme for cabinets to match your kitchen has never been an easy task. In fact, there are many color options for your cabinets, but choosing a suitable color scheme requires a bit of creativity and a sophisticated eye. 

In any case, if you can’t come up with good ideas, other homeowners will often suggest choosing a neutral color such as white or cream.

Indeed, white vs. cream kitchen cabinets are often a popular choice in house decor today because these colors combine easily with other types of items. However, which color of the two will suit your kitchen better is another question. Check our article below for the answer!

Overview Of White Vs. Cream Kitchen Cabinet

White Kitchen Cabinet

White kitchen cabinets are a trendy item in many homes today. This is not only a neutral color that is easy to combine with other items but also highlights the elegance of your kitchen.

However, there are many mixed opinions about whether white kitchens are practical and worth the investment. Indeed, while its basic vibe and space-enlarging function are incredible while others think maintaining their look is tricky.

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For those looking to change the look of kitchen cabinets, they want to know precisely if choosing white cabinets can be a long-term solution.

If this is the case, consider the highlights of white wood cabinets below to make the best choice.

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White Will Brighten Up A Kitchen

The white color will reflect all the light, making your kitchen brighter, creating a fresh feeling. In addition, the kitchen will be enhanced with natural light during the day so you can save money on the lighting system.

In addition, bright white cabinets also create a feeling of larger space than other colors.

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Cream Kitchen Cabinet

Cream cabinets have also been widely used for decades, bringing a cozy and elegant feeling to the kitchen. Cream colors are also close to white; but warmer, softer are all neutral colors so that cream cabinets can be combined perfectly with most other trendy utensils.

Below, explore the highlights of cream cabinets to see if it goes well with your kitchen.

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Popular In Luxury Kitchens

More and more luxury kitchens are being remodeled with cream cabinets in them. In fact, even in luxury kitchens built over the past decade, cream cabinets and warm utensils never go out of style.

Homeowners who love luxury tend to stick with timeless styles and materials that will always match the style. In addition to white and cream, you can also refer to some other colors for your kitchen cabinets in this video:

White vs. Cream Kitchen Cabinets: Similarities and Differences


Create A Classic Look For the Kitchen

Until now, white and cream objects often have sustainable beauty over time and do not depend on interior design trends. It gives everything a classic look, which means that the style of your kitchen cabinets will last for ages without ever going out of style.

Highly Versatile

The nature of these colors is a neutral color, so it can be used as a background or canvas to highlight other tones of objects for natural contrast.

In particular, when combined with utensils made from stainless steel or brass, whitewashed wood cabinets soften their rugged appearance. Moreover, these color is very versatile in that it can be combined with any kitchen design: Traditional, Transitional, and Contemporary.

What’s even more interesting is that when your cabinets are white or cream, you just need to change the handles, pulls, or knobs to change the feel or look of your kitchen. 

Suit Many Style

Just like white cabinets, cream cabinets can perfectly match any style or design of your kitchen. Whether you prefer a modern, traditional, or rustic style, they always look great with cream cabinets inside.

Create A More Hygienic Feeling

The kitchen cabinets and wall paint are white, creating a clean and glossy look. Indeed, white is easy to reflect dirt stains, so you can quickly clean them up and keep your kitchen clean. White or cream cabinets add a sense of cleanliness that no other color can match.



Despite sharing lots in common, white and cream colors bring a different feel and effect to your kitchen. 


While white cabinets will bring a bit more cold and glare, cream cabinets will create a light and airy appearance but still warm and soft for the kitchen.

On the other hand, although both white and cream give a classic look, white suits this style better on closer inspection. Indeed, this color will make for a kitchen that can last for years without ever going out of style.

Reveal Wear And Tear

As mentioned earlier, the white of the kitchen cabinets will make the room brighter and more hygienic, but this is also its weak point, as white will highlight stains more than cream. 

Although both colors are very revealing of wear and tear, cream-colored kitchen cabinets will somewhat better cover the disadvantages that time brings.

White Vs. Cream Kitchen Cabinets: Which Is More Suitable For Your Kitchen?

There is no definite answer to this question because both tones share most of the similarities. Depending on your style and preferences to be able to choose the right cabinet color for you.

An all-white kitchen will provide incredible contrast, but are you afraid it will be too bright? So, the cream will be more suitable for you as it will give it a timeless beauty with a softer, warmer version than crisp white cabinets.

However, if you like purity and strong contrast, then white is the best choice.

Final Thoughts

By now, you probably know the difference between white vs. cream kitchen cabinets and find the right option for your kitchen. These two tones have many similarities, with only a few differences, the most obvious being the feeling they bring to the homeowner.

No one can say which color is better or better, but only which one will be more suitable for your kitchen. Hopefully, this article will bring you valuable things. Please share with others if you find it interesting!