Which One Is Better: Wireless Vs Wired Apartment Intercom Systems

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Intercom upgrade is a crucial process. You will need to make lots of decisions and schedule intelligently. Of your many things to consider, the most important choice that you’d need to decide on is if you’d opt for a wired or wireless intercom system. 

So much data is available now so it’s easy for you to get confused. You need not fret though as this article will simplify everything. You won’t need to research further after reading this. This post will tell you the main differences between the two. We will not mince words and we will choose which is better between the two. We are here to help!

Wired Vs Wireless

A wired intercom system works by connecting in-unit devices using extensive connections of wires. A wireless intercom system does not need extensive wiring as it can work via the internet.

With a wired intercom system, your outdoor and indoor devices need to be connected through wiring. This includes the entry hardware. This means that the intercom device in your unit will be wired to the entry hardware along with all the intercom devices of all the other units in your building.

This is not necessary with a wireless intercom system. Your intercom unit won’t need to be wired to each and every device in the building if your system is wireless. 

Things To Consider

The following are the main factors to consider if you’re choosing between a wired and wireless intercom system:

  • Unit pricing
  • Your budget
  • Level of technical complexity
  • Your schedule
  • Duration of installation
  • Installation costs
  • Number of units needed
  • Size of your property
  • Intercom placement
  • Quality of internet connection in your area

What We Do Not Recommend: Intercoms With Building Wiring

You read that right. We do not recommend wired intercoms. And such is our stand because of the following reasons:

  1. Complex Installation – it will take weeks (and even months) for a wired intercom to be installed. Your whole building needs to be wired and it will take so much time. You will need an expert installer for it.
  2. Pricing – a wired intercom system will cost you more because apart from the unit themselves, you will have to spend on cables and installation fees. The bigger your property, the bigger the requirement for more wires. You would easily end up spending a lot.
  3. Future-proofing – wired intercom systems use old technology. To ensure that you’re ready for the future, it’s best to go wireless. With a wired intercom system, you’d need to rewire your entire building every time you’d want to upgrade.
  4. In-unit hardware necessity – a wired intercom system requires an in-unit hardware system. It is pretty outdated if you consider the fact that with a wireless intercom system, you won’t need to install in-unit hardware if you already have a smartphone. You’d save so much on costs. Experts from Smart Security can easily guide you on choosing an intercom system that won’t need in-unit hardware. 

Hassle upgrade –  A wired intercom system will require more money and so much time. No rewiring is needed because your in-unit hardware will be connected to the front door via the internet.

What We Recommend: Wireless Intercom Systems With No In-unit Hardware

We recommend a wireless intercom system because you won’t need to spend on in-unit hardware. Apartment residents can easily choose to use their tablets or smartphones instead of a wall unit. The following are its many nifty benefits:

  1. Savings – you won’t need to spend on in-unit hardware if you’d opt for a wireless intercom system. You can simply use your tablet or smartphone. You don’t even need to have it installed on the wall. Absolutely zero needs for wires and complex installation.
  2. No in-unit repairs –  you won’t need to call for repair every other month as there is no unit that would get glitchy and weird.
  3. Mobility – you can use the intercom anytime because you always have your smartphone at hand.
  4. Ethernet – you can connect your wireless intercom system to your ethernet cable so you won’t have to depend on your cellular or WiFi connection.
  5. Safety – you can connect your intercom system to your ethernet cable so you can be secure that your line is secured at all times.
  6. Reliable – connectivity will no longer be a problem because you will no longer experience hardware glitches. So long as you’re online, you’re set!
  7. Video calling – a wireless intercom system will allow you to video call. You’d easily get to see your guests and you’d have an intensified level of home security.
  8. Easy upgrade – you can upgrade a wireless intercom system anytime without the need to spend on wires for an overall building rewiring. You won’t spend on installation fees, new units, and cables.

Conclusion: Go Wireless!

Technology is ever developing as you read this. Opting for a wired intercom system will cost you so much money and though still good, it may very well be extinct in the coming years. Spend less, connect easily, and be future-proof with a wireless system. To make things easier for you, contact security experts who can help you choose the best wireless intercom system for your needs. Companies like Smart Security will guide you every step of the way so you won’t need to worry about technicalities.

If you need to choose between a wired or a wireless intercom security system, please go wireless. It is the future. You won’t regret it at all!