Your Complete Guide To Choosing A Decorative And Modern Chandeliers!

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The light fixture at home gives a beautiful look to the living space. There is nothing like Chandeliers for Home Decor when it comes to setting a mood of the room. Sometime chandeliers can be used to impress the guest as well. But, before you use a chandelier at home, it is essential to educate yourself on different designs, types, styles, and shapes. Today, there is a plethora of kind of chandelier that you can buy online or in a local shop. Here is this guide you will find complete information on chandeliers and its different types, shapes and finishes and functions. 

What is a Chandelier?

In case you have not seen a chandelier, yet, then let’s take a step back and first know about the chandelier. In simple layman’s terms, the chandelier is a light fixture that you can hand from the ceiling in your living room or any preferred room. The most common use of chandelier is in the dining room, but you can use it in the bedroom as well as on the patio. You can distinguish a chandelier with other light fixtures easily; the best feature of the chandelier is that it has a lot of lamps and on multiple tiers. It gives off a fantastic ambient lightning. Once you know what chandelier is, then you can easily differentiate it from another style of pendant lights. The pendant light generally includes only one shade of light source which hangs from a single wire, and on the other hand, the chandelier has multiple shades or light sources. You can see chandeliers often are connected by a branched frame. Technically, there is very little difference between a pendant light and chandeliers.

Nevertheless, the traditional chandelier can be quite an illustration as a significant and massive collection of light hanging from the ceiling. Which often gives them a costly image? The chandelier comes in all-type of shaped, and nowadays, they are affordable. 

Your Complete Guide To Choosing A Decorative And Modern Chandeliers!

Selecting Type Of Chandeliers 

As discussed earlier, there is a plethora of the chandelier type, and you can choose a specific chandelier as per your requirement. It is essential to pick the right kind of light, here is a list of the chandelier to choose from:-

  1. Modern Chandeliers: the First one first, the modern chandeliers, often give an adorable look to your home, and they are distinctive. The modern chandelier’s design originates from the focus of creating furniture that is both functional and pleasing. 
  2. Contemporary Chandelier Design: These designs are innovative and have a minimalism key. The design breaks away from the other style to produce cutting edge effects. 
  3. Rustic Chandelier Design: These chandeliers are known for their simplicity and naturalism. They are designed with the use of wood, iron, and Edison bulbs.
  4. Farmhouse Design: The farmhouse design often seems to be similar to the rustic chandelier. This chandelier is also used clear glass and Edison bulbs. 
  5. Industrial Chandelier Design: Another popular category of industrial design is made of wood and metal. It is used in industrial settings. 

Selecting Chandelier Shapes 

So once you have the idea of the type and style, then you can move to the shape of the chandelier that you are looking for, here check out the different type of ways that you can find online and at local stores:

  1. Rectangular Chandelier
  2. Bowl Chandelier
  3. Cluster Chandelier 
  4. Sputnik Chandelier
  5. Caged Chandelier
  6. Globe Chandelier
  7. Beaded Chandelier

Selecting Chandelier By Finish 

Once you have been done choose the style, then you need to determine whether you want the chandelier you wish to in metal or glass color. For example, you can have a chrome chandelier that will look perfect on a bronze wall. Here is a list of the light by their finish:-

  1. Brass Chandelier
  2. Bronze Chandelier
  3. Gold Chandelier
  4. Chrome Chandelier

Selecting Chandelier By Light Function 

Next, step after you finalize the chandelier design is the best light function that goes along with your home:-

  • Uplight Chandeliers: First in the list are up light chandeliers. They have light bulbs that are focused upward, providing reflected ambiance around the space. 
  • Downlight Chandelier: The traditional style of chandeliers or the down-light chandelier offers a pure and unobstructed light below. These types of chandeliers are ideal for your room, which requires a lot of light. 
  • Ambient Lighting: The expectation of the down-light chandelier is not ideal for providing ambient lighting. If you want the light to spread ambient across the room, then you need ambient lighting chandeliers. 
Your Complete Guide To Choosing A Decorative And Modern Chandeliers!

The choice of chandelier depends on individual to individual. Moreover, it depends on the type of home you stay-in. For example, in a small room, the down-light chandelier can give-off dazzling light into space. 

Additional Things To Consider

  1. Position: It is important to keep up with the interior space, the position of the chandelier can make all the difference:- 
  • Aesthetic: Given a well-designed chandelier, you will notice that it is admirable from all angles. Also, you can place the chandelier in the central position that gives you around 360-degrees view to admire it all elements. General Lights: Another benefit is that the artificial ambient light can be evenly distributed from the centered position.
  • Symmetry: Lastly, make sure that you follow the symmetry and hand your chandelier in the central location for the visual balance. 
  • Installation Height: You can place the chandelier in the dining room and hang it approximately 30 inches above the dining table. At this height, the chandelier won’t glare your eyes. Furthermore, it is considered as an appropriate height. 

2. Brightness: The brightness matter above all as it determines the space in the room will appear to be – so it is highly recommended research about the lumen output of the chandelier while purchasing a new one. 

You can easily shop for Modern Chandeliers for Home Decor online; moreover, you can decorate your home and give interior space an ambient look. The modern-day chandelier has a gorgeous look to them and also they are quite affordable.