Five Ways to Express Yourself in Your Dubai Apartment with Home Décor

Home Inspiration

Home décor is a statement of individuality. The decor helps you express who you are and what things you find interesting. Photos, furniture, memorabilia, paint, and other decorations are ways to express yourself in your Dubai apartment.

Photos are conversation starters and provide background on your story. Your apartment colour shows your personality. Furniture can help make you comfortable, memorabilia captures crucial events in your life, and other decorations with sayings or images express how you feel about life.

Here are five ways to express yourself in your Dubai apartment.

1. Photos

Photographs provide conversation topics. Photographs could be of your family members, past pets, or childhood home. They could be of your favourite meal, restaurant, or moments that you want to remember. Photos are often of things that are worth taking with you, and they tell your story.

Dubai has a sizable expatriate population. A photo of the Eiffel Towerin France could start a conversation about what it was like to live in France, while an image of your childhood home could get others talking about their childhood.

Whatever your photos are of, they are sure to start a conversation and tell the story of where you have been in your life.

2. Furniture

While it is hard to customise your bed or sofa, you can use your bedsheet, pillows, or any other furniture accessory. You could have a pillowcase that your grandmother knitted for you. Or, perhaps, one of your blankets on your sofa could have your favourite saying on it.

The colour of the furniture can express your personality. Soothing colours could reflect someone introverted, while bright colours could show that you are a social butterfly.

Dubai is a cultural melting pot. You could choose the colours of your furniture to express your personality, culture, or past. Furniture and accessories are an effective way to let people know more about you.

3. Memorabilia

Memorabilia can be related to fond memories and inspirational events. Perhaps you want to hang up a letter from your best friend on the wall or display a ticket from the best concert or movie you saw. Maybe you have an autographed photo to hang. All these decorations tell the story of fond memories.

You will be amazed to meet the people in Dubai. From expatriates to native Emiratis, the city has many different people. Memorabilia in your apartment in Dubai can start conversations about shared experiences.

There are many people in Dubai. You will find someone with a shared experience, cultural background, or similar personality.

4. Paint Colours

While most landlords will provide a list of acceptable colours to paint your apartment, the colour you choose is important because it makes a statement about you.

An optimist could use bright colours, while an introvert could prefer neutral colours. The colour selection and brightness will reflect your personality and how you view life and the events that unfold around you.

Paint colours will get your guests in Dubai wondering why painted your apartment a specific colour, or why the paint is so bright. You can explain to them that you like bright colours because you want to feel happy, or you like neutral tones because they help you relax.

5. Other Home Décor

There are many other decorations you can have in your home. You could have decorations with your favourite animal and a silly saying. Others may be heartfelt or welcoming.

Some decorations might have your favourite phrase. Perhaps you would like a poster with your favourite quotation on the wall. These objects show what you enjoy and how you live your life.

Objects with quotations can be conversation starters. They will inspire your guests, who could respond with some of their own. You can learn a lot about people from the quotations that resonate with them.

Visitors could mention the source of their favourite quote. Overall, objects like these liven up the atmosphere for you and your guests.

6. Conclusion

You can decorate your apartments in Dubai in multiple ways. Home décor, from photos, to paint colours, will brighten your life and tell others about your story, your personality, places you have visited, and more relevant information about you. Home décor is a good way to start conversations. They help you make the apartment just the way you want. 

Home décor is a way of expressing yourself through the objects in your apartment. It helps you feel comfortable in your own home. Finally, it helps you explain your past and personality to others. Visit to get tips on how to decorate a home?