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The Best Removable Caulk That Returns Your Walls To Its Pristine Look

Time never goes easy on our beloved houses. The paint comes off here and there, the places where it is still intact start fading in color, and worst of all, unsightly damages introduce themselves to the visible surfaces.

Whether your purpose is to refresh your living space or to save all your household areas from the repulsive sight that has become their look, filling those is a must. And for that, you need the best removable caulk.

Through endless trials, analyses, and comparisons between hundreds of caulking products, we have managed to put together this detailed top list for your preference. Check it out!

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5 Best Removable Caulk

#1. Dap 18354 Seal ‘N Peel Removable Caulk – Best Overall

What is it that you are trying to remedy? Poor insulation with all the drafts spearing in through the gaps underneath your window? A leaky pipe? An undefeatable bug invasion? Dap 18354 Seal ‘N Peel Removable Caulk would be your best bet for all these situations, and this is only a quick glimpse of what is within its capability.

Holding an adhesive liquid designed following a special formula to return any surface to its good-as-new state without doing any extra damage to the surface, this caulk is all you can ask for a high-quality seal. But the good news does not end there. Long-lasting and keep cracks invisible aside, the caulk is also waterproof and weatherproof, so application is possible on indoor/outdoor surfaces.

And since it belongs to the removable caulk category, you can already have a good guess of the next selling point. Once you no longer have any need for the seal, you can always peel it off without assistance from any tool.

As excellent as it might sound, this product is far from perfect. If you plan to apply it around your home, make sure that you do not have a sensitive sense of smell. Otherwise, the experience that comes later might be a nightmare to you. 


  • All-purposes caulk
  • Withstand low/high temperature
  • Adhere to all surfaces


  • The odor can put some users off

#2. Dap Acrylic Latex Caulk with Silicone – Best Paintable Caulk

Repainting a house can be quite a challenge to homeowners when the walls have been taken over by holes and crevices. Better take your note out and jot down DAP Acrylic Latex Caulk with Silicone – the best paintable caulk so far – to keep this problem at bay!

After finishing the application, you only need to give the caulk some time to turn the rock-hard itself before picking up your paintbrush. Just for you know, patience is going to be of importance here since it takes half an hour for it to completely solidify. But providing that you are going to receive a wall-resembling surface that your paint can properly cling on, later on, we are sure it is worthy of the wait.

Like the DAP product you got to know earlier, this option also comes with the same level of adhesion and resistance to liquid infiltration. You rub one sufficient amount of this caulk on any hole, gap, or door/window joint around your home, and no unwanted factor can break in to bother you. 

However, the product comes in an almond color, which is a somewhat unusual shade for sealant as it might not be a good pairing with your room’s color scheme.


  • Easy removal with water
  • Crack-resistant and mold-resistant
  • 35-year durability guarantee


  • The color does not match all interior style

#3. Frost King Indoor & Outdoor Caulking Cord – Best For Window Sealing

The frigid chill spilling in from outside through all the cracks underneath your window is driving you crazy? Adding Frost King Indoor & Outdoor Caulking Cord to your shopping cart can put an end to that air leak problem.

This caulk comes in the form of a roll, almost similar to a regular tape. It works in the same mechanism as well, pulling things together and preventing any split, but for the windows and their hinges rather than common little objects. The caulk adheres well and forms a barrier to block all the drafts, enhancing your house’s insulation.

When you no longer have any need for the strip, you can always tear it from the windows without putting in any effort. This will lend you a big hand on several occasions, especially if you decide to wrap this caulk cord around something else, such as a leak or gap, for a temporary fix.

But if you are someone who believes that all things in your home have to be the definition of perfection, you might want to reconsider getting this. Although the final result is not that unsightly, it is far from a nice finishing touch to your room.


  • Cut down on electricity bill
  • Versatile for multiple purposes
  • Go well with all interior styles


  • Uneven surface after application

#4. Red Devil 0606 Zip-A-Way Removable Sealant – Great For All Surfaces

The need for a seal can always pop up here and there, regardless of what material or what object. If you want a caulking solution that literally becomes one with any surface it attaches itself to so that you do not have to pay for another tube sooner or later, consider giving Red Devil 0606 Zip-A-Way Removable Sealant a try.

Red Devil squeezes out a thick and strong adhesive substance with a high level of consistency. Thanks to being created with an exclusive formula, it can link joints, fill gaps, and delete crevices on all surfaces of a variety of materials, including metal, aluminum, wood, vinyl, and even glass. Given the fact that this product can resist water rather well, you can use it for leakage around the house or fixing your cracked aquarium.

Like Frost King, Red Devil can push the chilly air outside to warm up your room during cold seasons, but our experience shows that the latter’s performance in this matter is one notch above.

There is one caveat with this otherwise helpful liquid caulk, though. It comes out quite thick, and the odor coming along is something you have to brace yourself for. Still, we do not suppose this is that serious an issue, for after two days or so, all of the smell fades away. 


  • Easy to apply/ pry off
  • Affordable price
  • Mildew-resistant 


  • Strong smell

#5. InstaTrim Self-Adhesive Caulk – Great For Good-Looking Result

Performance-wise, InstaTrim is only around the sufficient level in a side-by-side comparison with the others. But we still think it deserves a place on the list thanks to the caulk’s nice appearance when spread on any surface of choice. As long as you properly clean the area before the application (which is the nitty-gritty of caulking), you might not be able to tell that it has been sealed with an adhesive material for how smooth and uniform the trim is.

Another point that you might find interested in this rope-like caulk is its odorless and toxic-free properties. There is no longer the need to have a panic attack when inadvertently wiping your palm across your eyes or lips after finishing filling a crack or covering a window’s gap. The same goes for when peeling it off.

Despite all the advantages, you have to be careful when fixing kitchen/bathroom damages using caulk. Other choices on this list might be excellent in working in a damped environment, but sadly, not this one. The seal will not be as tight as expected, and redoing it all over again is only a matter of time.


  • Easy to install
  • Various colors to choose from
  • Excellent effects for floors and cabinets


  • Poor water resistance

What To Keep In Mind When Shopping For The Top Caulk?

Caulk offering outstanding home-healing effects have been increasing in number lately, but not all of them are willing to slide off without you putting in any time, effort, and plenty of tools. Personal experience has shown us that unless you want to be in a struggle later on, the 3 categories below are what you should direct your attention to.

Rope caulk

Putty, water-resistant and pliable, this cord-like caulk works wonderfully for sealing windows during the cold winter to boost insulation and fixing random cracks around your home. Peeling rope caulk off your walls or other surfaces as well as attaching it on is a piece of cake, which explains its popularity among renters. They all need an impermanent sealant that takes only moments to get rid of when moving to another place.


Silicon has been a familiar face in the construction firm for years thanks to their abilities to resist liquid infiltration and high level of flexibility. When the gel-like substance is made into a household caulking solution, all these important properties follow suit. This gives silicone caulk its ability to handle gaps of almost every kind, ranging from unwanted crevices that make your home a pain to look at to the water leakage in your old bathroom.

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One thing to keep in mind, though: Silicon-based caulk only stays removable as long as you spread it on non-porous surfaces. Never, ever try that with a porous area or fabric, for it will cling to them like gum.


Another important option for those interested in removable caulk is acrylic. Solidify quickly and paintable, this water-like liquid ticks all the boxes if you want a product to help you out with those repulsive gaps on the wall before getting started with your home renovation plan. Another selling point is that it can come off easily with the use of a utility knife and some patience.

But beware! Acrylic has never been known for its strong elasticity. You would want to apply it far from heat-prone areas since the seal can end up snapping in half if there are sudden changes in temperature. 

If you cannot find any acrylic where you live, consider giving latex a try. Both have a lot in common when it comes to properties, even their disadvantages are alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is caulking removable?

Technically, all caulking can be removed manually. The only difference is the amount of effort and time each type requires. While some can come off with as much as one flick of your wrist (what we have mentioned earlier), several will have you prepare plenty of tools and muster all your patience to clean the caulking as well as the residue it may leave behind.

If you do not find the second option appealing, stick with what we have introduced to you right from the start, and hardly anything can go wrong.

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Do I need to remove the old caulk before caulking?

The answer would be a big Yes in this case. While caulk can attach itself to almost everything, the list does not include something of its own kind. Unless you get rid of the old layer, the new one will not be able to form a proper protection barrier, which indicates that water, or whatever you are trying to keep out, might seeps through.

What softens old caulk?

This can be a long topic to cover, but we will try to keep it concise and straight to the main point. You can either take out your wallet for some professional commercial product created for caulk softening only or stay on the eco-friendly side and make yourself a solution.

The tricks can be quite diverse if you choose the former. It ranges from directly placing a rag soaked in isopropyl rubbing alcohol to get rid of acrylic/latex caulk to using a paste made out of water and powdered cleanser for silicone caulk. A hairdryer is also a nice idea, as long as meltable plastic appliances are not within reach of the heat.

Will Goo Gone remove caulk?

Yes, but do not expect it to hocus pocus the old caulk away in one single go. The only thing this liquid does is to soften the substance, the rest of the process is still up to you.

Does WD 40 remove silicone caulk?

Similar to Goo Gone, this is another option to get the old stubborn caulk away in as little time as possible, and it works especially well on silicone-based ones. 

Keep in mind that you need to peel out each and every bit of the caulk before applying a new layer.

Does acetone remove caulk?

Acetone and its cleaning effects can work wonders on silicone caulk, provided that you have taken a large amount out and only a tiny bit of it is left. Do not expect any mind-blowing result when splashing it on a whole intact piece, you will be disappointed. 


There you have it, a list of the best removable caulk, a helpful buying guide, and answers to some questions that caulk users have been asking themselves for a while. Despite the fact that they are tagged with ‘temporary fix’, what they offer rival the power of any permanent seal. Find yourself an option and see for yourself how satisfying the results can be. We are sure that no matter what you feel later on, it will hardly be a sense of disappointment.

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