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What is the Best Caulk For Kitchen Sink in 2024? A Buyer’s Guide

A caulk, defined as a waterproof filler and sealant, used in building work and repairs. Every household should include this on their repair tools.

It becomes one of the most useful tools designed to prevent water seepage. Keeping the seal in your kitchen sink is necessary.

If the seal is not in good condition, water has easy access between the sink and the counter. This condition will cause damage to your kitchen drawer. So, to prevent further destruction of your home, it is good to find the best caulk for the kitchen sink

Here are the top five caulk products that you can check out to find the best deal on caulk in the market.

General Electric GE360 Kitchen and Bath Silicone I Caulk, 2.8-Ounce, ClearCheck Price
DAP 18001 Kwik Seal White 6OzCheck Price
GE GE5070 Silicone II Bath Sealant, 10.1 oz Tube, WhiteCheck Price
Red Devil 0405 Duraguard Kitchen & Bath Siliconized Acrylic Caulk, 5.5 oz, WhiteCheck Price
Gorilla Waterproof Caulk & Seal100% Silicone Sealant, 2.8oz Squeeze Tube, Clear (Pack of 1)Check Price

Top Five Best Caulk for Kitchen Sink Reviews

#1. General Electric Silicone I Caulk

General Electric GE360...image

Check Price

GE Silicone I Caulk that prevents water seepage is a necessity in every household. Unlike acrylic, this product does not shrink, crumble, or crack even when exposed to extreme weather. The silicon caulk cures faster. Aside from being waterproof, this product boosts properties like stability and inertness.

I love DIY projects. When my kitchen sink needed to be re-caulked, I bought this product.

I read the instructions before beginning my application. As instructed, I have to keep the area clean before the application of the caulk. I make sure to have a wet cloth if the silicone gets on my fingers as I smoothed into the corners.

Waiting hours took a day before it dried and I was ready to use it again. Only one tube was enough to re-caulk the kitchen sink. I look terrible when making a mess.

The key to a clean caulk is to apply a small amount only on the surface. You have to smooth the edge with your fingers to achieve the desired caulk. To avoid mess when applying the caulk, cut the small portion of the tip. 


  • Waterproof – Made from 100% silicone
  • The silicon caulk is ideal to seal countertops, sink, tiles, tubs, showers, and other fixtures
  • Dries without mess 
  • Sticks to wood, metal, ceramic tile, glass, plastic, porcelain, and granite 
  • It meets the standards set by the authorities


  • The tube might explode when squeezed hard 
  • Difficult to remove from hands, so proper handling and usage are necessary 
  • Drying time is 24 hours 

#2. Dap Seal Caulk 

DAP 18001 Kwik...image

Check Price

DAP Kwik Seal Caulk bonds like glue and seals like a caulk. This product provides a durable, watertight seal. It is easy to apply and with excellent adhesion and flexibility.

The finished caulk is mildew resistant and easy to paint. This caulk is a product from latex and acrylic that proves to have an adhesive property. This can also adhere to any materials.

It can be one best product to use because it is easy to apply with and washes off if you mess up. This product is cost-effective and budget-friendly. It is a must-have product in every household.

This caulk was perfect, easy to cut the tip, and then ran it along with the sink. You have to smooth it out with a quick swipe of a wet finger, and the problems are gone.


  • It sticks strongly on the surface
  • It is easy to apply
  • The finished product is easy to paint
  • The bonds will not last a long time since it is an acrylic base compound
  • Cheap and has a reasonable price


  • It is tough to squeeze 

#3. GE Sealants & Adhesives GE5070

GE GE5070 Silicone...image

Check Price

GE Sealant and Adhesives Advanced Silicone are 100% silicone and waterproof. The product has a high-performance and is ideal for areas exposed to water, such as baths and sinks.

This product guarantees to protect the surface mold-free for 10 years, provides 40% flexibility, and 5x stronger adhesion. 

The curing time is 30 minutes and is ready for water exposure. Since it is a silicone base, the product can withstand extreme expansion and contraction.

The silicone will not affect the original color of metal finishes like nickel, chrome, and bronze. Another advantage of using this sealant is its minimal odor. 

The only problem is it is too sticky making it hard to clean when it gets on the hands and surface. You need to scrape it to remove the mess. When it dries, it becomes elastic.

This is one of the best caulks I have ever used. Be aware also that this caulk has methanol. You have to wear a mask and allow for adequate ventilation. 


  • This product is a 100% silicone formula that offers 100% waterproof protection
  • It prevents the growth of mildew and mold 
  • Stays flexible and 5x stronger adhesion with a high-performance seal
  • Curing time only lasted for 30 minutes and is ready for water exposure
  • The product can withstand extreme expansion and does not shrink
  • The silicone will not discolor most metal finishes
  • It has a low odor while curing
  • The product contains methanol that aids in the curing process


  • A bit complicated when opening the product. It has no guide on where to cut the tip
  • Hard to clean when things got messy

#4. Red Devil Acrylic Caulk

Red Devil 0405...image

Check Price

This product contains silicone that guarantees strong adhesion and lasting flexibility. This is to ensure a high-quality protective sealant against moisture.

This product provides a tight seal around kitchen and bath fixtures. The product dries to an ultra-smooth and has a satin finish. After applying the caulk no mildew or mold will grow on the surface.

The small size squeeze tube is easy to use and is handy to have around. The instructions say to clean and remove all old caulks before using.

Careful preparation is necessary. Let the surface dry overnight. If you notice a few spots with light coverage, re-touch the area. I tried to use it in my kitchen sink, where the first one who caulked the sink missed a long area.

The product is so easy to use.


  • Made of siliconized acrylic for long-lasting flexibility
  • Product dries smoothly
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Siliconized acrylic is not 100% silicone


#5. Gorilla Silicone Sealant

Gorilla Waterproof Caulk...image

Check Price

The Gorilla 100% Silicone Sealant is excellent for your caulking needs. Because of the silicon content, mildew and mold is less likely to grow on the surface with sealant. The original color remains with time.

Before applying the sealant, it is essential to clean first the surface from oil, grease, and ensure that it is clean.

It is best to apply the product if the temperature is above 40F. After use, always replace the cap to prevent hardening. Store in a cool, dry location. The product comes from a 2.8-ounce squeeze tube that is handy and easy to store.

This is fast curing (30 minutes dry to touch) sealant. It is used as a joint and crack-filling caulk. For a fully waterproof seal, wait for 24 hours before using the sink.

When applied to the wrong surface, it is easy to remove with only light pressure. It can also serve to form gaskets and seal uneven surfaces. The sealant does not expand or contract upon curing.


  • This sealant is acidic and not intended to be used for materials that will react to acid
  • The size is small and easy to misplace if there is no storage area
  • Dries up fast within 30 minutes
  • Proper handling is a must to ensure the effectiveness of the product
  • It is best to use the product when the temperature is 40F

Advantages of Caulking the Kitchen Sink

As defined earlier, caulk is a sealant that helps seal the gaps, cracks, and holes in your kitchen sink. Please refer to the lists below for some benefits of caulking your kitchen sink.

  • Proper caulking enhances the appearance of the sink
  • Caulking prevents water seepage on the faucet, sink, and countertop
  • You can save from future damages cause by water on the furniture underneath the sink
  • The caulk fills the imperfections of the sink areas, creating a smooth finish
  • Clean and even result of the finished output

How do You Use Caulk the Best Way?

Like any home repair and DIY projects, caulking your kitchen sink is tricky. You need enough time to practice in getting the best results of caulking. Patience and knowledge will help carry out the job.

To achieve the best caulk, remove any old caulk or silicone sealant before applying a new one. A clean and dry area will make the caulk achieve its efficacy, thus consider the temperature. Applying the caulk at right temperature will achieve the best results. Cut 45 degrees at the opening of the tube if you will use it.

Be very careful when squeezing the caulk to prevent a mess. You must take it slow when putting caulk to fill in the gaps.

Apply caulk little by little so it does not ooze everywhere. This will make the lines sloppy and irregular. Have a damp rag available to use for smoothing the surface after the application.

Wait for the right time for drying before attempting to paint over caulk. 


Q: Should you caulk around a kitchen sink?

A: Caulking your kitchen sink is very important. The rim of the kitchen sink must have a good sealant to prevent further damage. The kitchen cabinets and drawers under the sink must be free from water seepage. This will prevent the furniture under the sink from any damage. Since some caulk dries out and cracks over time, you need to replace it before the damage becomes visible.

Q: Can you use silicone on the kitchen sink drain?

A: The most common silicone caulk out in the market comes in a tube. You have to squeeze the caulk out by bare hand or with the use of a caulk gun. The silicone caulk usually comes in a clear substance and fluid when it comes out of the tube. When exposed to the air, a curing process takes place. The cured caulk becomes hard but not brittle. A 100% silicone caulk provides 100% waterproof protection. This is the reason many use silicone caulk on the kitchen sink and the sink’s drain.

The sink drain has constant contact with water, and it is not advisable to use silicone. Silicone caulk has no assurance that it will last forever. It will break down and need replacement once water seepage is visible. If you choose to use silicone caulk for sealing a sink drain, you have to wait for the caulk to dry. Some caulk dries overnight, but others take 2 or 3 days before it is cured.

When using silicone caulk in the kitchen sink drain, you must apply an even amount. You have to put an ample amount of silicone to the underside of the sink’s drain assembly. You should also not miss putting silicone to the sink around the drain hole opening.

Q: How do you caulk and seal a kitchen sink with granite?

A: Good quality granite can resist heat, stains, scratches, and chips. Caulking and sealing granite and a kitchen sink can be tricky. Harsh chemicals from caulk can damage the granite. Read the instructions on the label on how to use it. 

Sealing the kitchen sink is a tough job to do. The procedure is the same as sealing the stainless sink with regular countertops. So how do you caulk and seal a kitchen sink with granite? 

  • Use a rubbing alcohol to clean the surface. Make sure no dirt or residue is present in the countertop.
  • Apply the sealant on the sink
  • When you are certain about the caulk application, secure the sink in the sealed area.
  • Wait for at least twenty-four hours or seventy-two hours before using the sink. The new caulk will get compromised once it becomes wet.

If you are still worrying that you cannot follow the procedure, search on YouTube. There are many video presentations on how to seal the kitchen sink with granite.

Q: Can I use silicone instead of plumber’s putty?

Plumber’s putty works as a sealant in any plumbing projects. It comprises clay and linseed oil that makes the sealant soft. The putty remains elastic for extended time and will seal leak from the sink.

The question is, can we use silicone instead of plumber’s putty? Silicone caulk is used for any purpose. You can apply caulk for sinks, pipe fitting, and bathtubs. This makes it easy for a plumber to remove the putty once you need to replace it.

Silicone and plumber’s putty have a different usage for different purposes. You can use silicone, but it is hard for you to remove and clean the surface if there is a need for repair or replacement.

Q: How do you remove old silicone from kitchen sink?

If you check on your kitchen sink, you will notice a white lining around the perimeter. This is the caulk applied to seal off any gaps and to prevent leakage. When you notice cracks in the caulk, then it is time to remove and replace the caulk.

To remove old caulk around a kitchen sink, you will need a few necessary materials:

  • Warm Water – to loosen the old water-based caulk
  • Acetone/Denatured Alcohol – to remove the old silicone-based caulk
  • Straight Razor Blade – to cut away worn, old caulk
  • Paper or Towels – for cleaning and wiping off old caulk
  • Soften the old caulk by using warm water for water-based caulks. Soak a towel or washcloth in the warm water. Apply the soaked washcloth to the existing caulk. Follow the procedure by using acetone or denatured alcohol for a silicone-based caulk.
  • Use the straight razor with extra care to cut away and remove the old caulk. Be careful when using a razor around certain surfaces.
  • Wipe-off the worn caulk using paper or a towel. You can use cardboard, towel, or drop cloth to protect the sink and countertops’ surface.

Removing old caulk is time-consuming and requires enough patience. It is essential to remove old caulk to ensure proper adhesion of the new caulk.

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Silicone-based caulk is better than water-based caulk. The product that contains 100% silicone formula achieves 100% waterproof protection.

Acrylic breaks down in water over time, unlike silicone. Acrylic can harden, crack, and crumbles as time goes by when exposed to extreme heat. At the same time, silicone can endure heat that prevents it from shrinking and cracking.

There is much budget-wise silicone caulk in the market, but you have to choose the one that does a perfect job. You do not have to compromise the efficacy of the product by its price.

Finding the right caulk for your kitchen sink is a must. You do not have to replace the caulk often once you found the best caulk in the market.

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