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Kraftmaid Vs Diamond Cabinets: Which One Is Better?

Cabinets are no doubt an indispensable part of every dream kitchen. Besides providing a beautiful look for your space, they also serve as a superb solution to store cooking equipment, household cleaners, and other supplies.

Notably, KraftMaid vs Diamond cabinets has gained popularity among several cabinet options due to their unique and stylish yet practical design.

However, it can be challenging for homeowners who are remodeling or undertaking home renovations to decide which is better and worth investing in. Don’t worry. This article will provide sufficient knowledge for you to choose the desired design that suits your modern kitchen.

KraftMaid Vs Diamond Cabinets: Overview

What is Kraftmaid?

With over 40 years in the business, KraftMaid has built a successful reputation among cabinet manufacturers that focuses on quality and craftsmanship.

Remarkably, the brand seeks to protect the environment by implementing eco-friendly policies and practices in the ​​manufacturing process.

Using traditional woodworking and solid construction techniques, Kraftmaid is known for its long-lasting and ultra-high-quality cabinets. Besides, KraftMaid also offers a wide range of styles and colors that fit everyone’s preferences. Hence, whether you’re seeking a classic look or trendy finish to leverage your space, you can choose the right one with KraftMaid.

What is Diamond?

Diamond is a subsidiary of MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc., an industry leader that comprises premium cabinet brands. Hence, Diamond is a recognized brand representing an intriguing family of beautifully stylish cabinetry lines, backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Besides, as a certified member of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association’s (KCMA) Environmental Stewardship Program, Diamond honors an ongoing commitment to promote sustainable environmental practices.

With the most significant color palette featuring sophisticated paints, trend-perfect finishes, and exceptional quality, Diamond cabinets are everything you need for your kitchen remodeling.

Kraftmaid Vs Diamond Cabinets: In-depth Comparison


InteriorsNatural birch wood grain laminateNatural maple laminate
Shelves¾” thick full-depth shelves have a natural birch wood grain laminate¾” thick furniture board with natural maple laminate and PVC edge banding adjustable shelf
BracesFull-depth I-Beams⅜” I-beams
Back panel⅜” thick natural birch wood grain laminate⅜” thick unfinished back
End panels½” thick side panels with wood grain laminate ½” thick side panels with laminate 
Bottom panel½” thick birch wood grain laminate secured with dado joints⅜” thick natural maple laminate
Hingessix-way adjustable hingesix-way adjustable hinge
Upgrade optionsPlywood Ends (PE)All Plywood Construction (APC)Furniture Plywood Ends (FPEB)Plywood Ends (PE)All Plywood Construction (APC)


KraftMaid cabinets are made with ¾ solid wood. Due to the sturdy and durable feature of solid wood, cabinets made of this material are likely to withstand generations of use. 

On the other hand, diamond cabinets are crafted with natural hardwood. The unique feature of hardwood is its tight fiber structure, making it a robust and resilient material.

One fundamental similarity between the two materials is that both are available in numerous different timber species, hence providing plenty of options for customization, including shape, finish, and color.

On top of this, it is no doubt that the naturally beautiful grain patterns contribute to an overall unique aesthetic of both solid wood and hardwood cabinets.

However, it is noted that solid wood’s life span is often longer than hardwood, thus possibly affecting the durability of your cabinets. Conversely, solid wood cabinets are not waterproof, while some hardwood cabinets can resist moisture.

Check this video to figure out if your kitchen cabinets are natural wood!

Color palette

Both KraftMaid and Diamond cabinets feature various premium paints and specialty finishes, ranging from classic to trend-forward look.

Noteworthy, Diamond brings a modern, dynamic look while KraftMaid preserves its luxury and cozy appearance. However, it seems that Diamond offers more color options than Kraftmaid, with several pastel finishes and colors. 


As KraftMaid and Diamond are well-known brands in the industry, their cabinets are equivalent regarding quality. However, one thing to consider is solid wood and natural hardwood preference for cabinets since these materials have both advantages and disadvantages.

It is noted that some customers of both brands reported having damage issues that need replacement. Others found that their cabinet doors were missing or came with an unfinished interior. Consequently, these situations are indeed troublesome, delaying the kitchen remodeling project. 


With the utilization of solid wood, KraftMaid cabinets are undoubtedly more expensive than Diamond. Meanwhile, Diamond cabinets are perfectly priced for homeowners to remain within their budget. 

However, considering solid wood’s long-term value and lifespan, KraftMaid cabinets are more economical than Diamond.

Kraftmaid Vs Diamond Cabinets: Which One Is Better?

KraftMaid and Diamond cabinets are great options to upgrade and renovate your aging kitchen considering all the above factors. They offer stylish and innovative kitchen solutions that suit every homeowners’ preference and purpose of usage.

KraftMaid grandview min 1024x682 1

However, it might be confusing to decide which cabinet is better. Hence, it’s vital to take each brand’s unique characteristics into account.

As said, Diamond cabinets should be your go-to choice if you prefer a modern and contemporary look with reasonable pricing. 

On the other hand, KraftMaid cabinets are more expensive options for a warm harmony throughout your kitchen. Despite its expensiveness, KraftMaid is often known for its durability that lasts for decades. Thus, in the long run, installing KraftMaid cabinets is more beneficial since they tend not to require replacement if carefully maintained.

Final Thoughts

You’ve reached the end of the article. Hopefully, our detailed comparison of KraftMaid vs Diamond cabinets can help you make a wise decision on your kitchen remodeling. These two brands are both prestigious, so their quality is inarguable. Instead, depending on your preference, opt for an option that suits you.

If you’ve any experience with these two cabinet manufacturers, feel free to leave us some thoughts and comments. Also, if you find this article helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends or loved ones.

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