top 3 air conditioning maintenance tips in rental properties

Top 3 Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips in Rental Properties

Every landlord must keep their rental property in tip-top shape. However, broken heat pumps and unattended repairs can leave your tenants disgruntled and cause higher turnover rates. Thus, to avoid such a scenario, you must stay on top of your maintenance, especially your large appliance. 

One of the essential appliances you always need to ensure is in good condition is your HVAC system. In the dead of winter or peak of summer, it can be terribly inconvenient when it doesn’t work, and some renters could even sue you if a malfunction threatens their health or property. 

Are you a property owner looking to keep your HVAC system running without breaking the bank? Then, stick around till the end. This post discusses the top 3 air conditioning maintenance tips in rental properties. 

Top 3 Air Conditioning System Maintenance Tips in Rental Properties

1. Clean the Air Filters

air filters

Clogged air filters are one of the most common causes of a faulty HVAC system, but they’re also easy to fix. The air filter is the part of your air conditioner that collects tiny particles like dust, pollen, and allergens. However, these particles build up over time, making the filter less functional and visibly dirty. 

If you want to avoid recirculating trapped debris into your air circulation, clean your air filters often. Most experts recommend doing it every three months, but you might need to make yours more frequent depending on your installed type. You’ll notice an immediate change in your air quality after a thorough wash, and the efficiency of your air conditioner will also increase. 

2. Seal Refrigerant Leaks

If you’re using an old air conditioning unit, there’s a high chance that the system uses copper wires to circulate its refrigerant. Considering many rentals rarely upgrade their HVAC system, you might likely have leaks in your copper lines. If so, your air conditioner will not work optimally, and you might even notice your compressor breaks down frequently. 

To be sure you’re not dealing with any leaks, turn off the system and inspect your refrigerant lines. Signs like a hissing compressor or ice on your evaporator coils are often a dead giveaway. If you notice a leak, call a professional electrician to fix it, as repairing such an issue requires more expertise than your typical DIY. Look for a responsible property manager in Philadelphia to accommodate the maintenance needs of your rental and keep everything in top shape. 

3. Clean the Condenser Coil

Besides your air filters, you also need to keep your condenser coils clean as well. These coils are integral to your heat pump system and must be adequately maintained to ensure your air conditioner is functioning. In addition, they are responsible for the bulk of heat transfer from your house to the exterior. In other words, if they’re faulty, you’ll notice your HVAC system isn’t able to cool the home as it usually should. Some rooms might even be warm when the AC is on.

Before you start cleaning, ensure you turn off the system, as this part of the air conditioner can be very hurt. Once it’s safely off, you can wipe down the coils and exterior fins to remove piled-up dirt and debris. After it’s dry, you can turn it on for an improved air conditioning unit. 

 Landlord’s Role in Preventative Maintenance

Service the HVAC system Regularly

Having a preventative maintenance checklist for your rental is crucial as it keeps your house in order and helps you save on unnecessary expenses. One of the things to add to your list is servicing your HVAC system regularly, especially in the spring and fall, ahead of the seasons with more extreme temperatures. In addition, you can check all your electrical wiring, inspect the thermostat and ensure all system parts are clean. 

Opt for Professional Inspections

Servicing your air conditioner regularly is a great habit, but it takes more than knowing how to change an HVAC filter to keep the system running efficiently. Experts recommend calling a professional to inspect your air conditioner at least once a year. These experts can easily detect things you might have missed and make repairs before they become major faults. 

Educate Your Tenants 

Preventative maintenance should be a partnership between you and your tenants. Since renters are often the ones at home, educating your tenants on keeping obstacles away from the air conditioning coils or common faults that should be a cause for alarm would be good. Considering you can’t be in the rental 24/7, this tactic is an excellent preventive measure to sure your systems keep running.  


With these top 3 air conditioning maintenance tips in rental properties, you should be able to keep your HVAC system in shape for many years to come. Cleaning your air filters and condenser coils can ensure your system runs efficiently without faults. Also, searching for refrigerant leaks before they become a significant problem can save you money in the long run.

Although the best way to keep your air conditioners at their most effective is to call in a professional to service the system routinely, you should also educate your tenants on what they can do to ensure maximum efficiency.

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